Viral Video: Woman Breaks Down On Seeing Late Brother’s Name At National War Memorial

sister breaks down at war memorial
In a viral video, a woman is seen breaking down after spotting her brother’s name on one of the plaques at the National War Memorial in Delhi. The woman was visiting the memorial with her family when she spotted her late brother’s name, who fought for the country. The bereaved sister was certainly not prepared to see her brother’s name written out in gold. The heartbreaking video gradually found its way to social media, with many people offering comfort to the woman.

The name of the woman in the video is Shagun and she is the sister of the late Captain KD Sambyal. In the video, she kept staring at the plaque with the name of her brother written on it and could not stop the tears from flowing.

The video was shared on Instagram by her husband. It was captured at the National War Memorial, which is located in Central Delhi. It was built to remember and honour the soldiers of the Indian Army who fought in the armed conflict. These names are of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives and their names are inscribed in golden letters there.

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Sister breaks down at war memorial

Shagun Sambyal’s husband shared the video on social media and wrote, “Today randomly we planned a trip to Delhi and after roaming Connaught Place, I told my wife let’s visit National War Memorial.” He went on and said that while he was clicking pictures of the plaques with the name of Captain Vikram Batra and Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia, his wife came across the name of her brother.

Late Captain Sambyal was part of the 193 Field Regiment and is from the Samba district of the Jammu and Kashmir.

Shagun’s husband further wrote in his post, “She suddenly found her brother’s (Captain KD Sambyal) memorial and she call my name in excitement and told (me) ‘look it’s bhaiya‘s name.” Spotting the name was both a proud and heartbreaking moment for her.

According to her husband, Shagun had no idea about her brother’s name being at the war memorial, nor does her family know about it, as a result of which she was surprised and emotional at the same time.

The viral video has gotten more than 13 million views and more than nine lakh likes. As many as 3,000 people commented on the video and thanked Captain Sambyal for the sacrifice.

(Feature Image Credit: thezerobeing Instagram)