Watch: How Vidya Balan Shatters Stereotypes Though Her Instagram Reels

Vidya Balan Reels
If you haven’t scrolled through Vidya Balan’s Instagram page, you sure have missed some entertainment this year. Actor Vidya Balan leaves a solid mark across the entertainment industry, one powerful performance at a time. However, her online presence is equally interesting because of the fun she brings on the platform and unapologetically creates super engaging content. The Sherni actor not just addresses baseless norms set by society but also expresses her intellect through her dialogues and behind-the-scenes content.

From lip-syncing viral dialogues to performing on various music trends, Balan sure knows how to keep her fans entertained. As Padma Shri Vidya Balan celebrates her birthday, let’s look at how she addressed stereotypes on social media by creating some fun, relatable content and smashed prejudices, one reel at a time.

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Vidya Balan Reels

Addressing the right of choice

Tell me you’re an Anupamaa fan without telling me you’re an Anupamaa fan. The famous monologue by the daily soap’s protagonist Anupama which presses on a woman’s choice in how she lives her life was enacted by Vidya Balan on her Instagram. As someone who is looked at as one of the nation’s inspirational icons, Balan using the viral dialogue on her platform and showcasing how she lives her terms and so should others is nothing less than magnificent. The dialogue depiction executed by Balan was exactly the cherry the cake required on top.

Body image issues

Balan is one of the few idols in the entertainment business who has never shied away from articulating her body image issues. While she has addressed the stigma around body weight and looks across several interviews, the versatile ways in which she uses her Instagram for the same is super interesting, to say the least.

Balan recently shared an Instagram post where she can don a high-slit dress. Her conviction and a one-liner caption were enough to shut down the naysayers who often associate a particular set of clothing with a specific body type. “When they say high slits are only for women,” she wrote in a video where she posed with class and confidence.

“What changed is the way I looked at myself, and that changed how I see myself.”

In August this year, she shared an image of herself posing aside a mirror, wherein both sides of her face were visible. She reflected upon how an interaction with a fan helped her reassess her outlook towards a certain body image. Sharing a selfie, she wrote, “You know, I have always preferred my left profile over my right. However, over time, as I started on this journey of trying to love and accept myself a little more each day.”

She stated how her realisation of favouring one profile meant liking one part of her to the exclusion of the other. “Truth be told, today not only do I like my right profile, I actually love it, and it is not because my right profile changed but because I realised it’s never going to.”

When she addressed the stereotype of men being the heroes of the film

Par, hero kaun hai?” is something that is usually asked upon a film’s release. While female actors have been carrying blockbuster films on their shoulders, the stereotype of male actors being the one true hero of the film remains even today to some extent. National award-winning actor Vidya Balan is living proof of how a female actor can successfully be a bankable star and become a popular name across the nation.

Taking to Instagram, in a fun jibe, Balan made a short rap reel mouthing the popular music piece by rapping sensation Srushti Tawade. “Main nai toh kaun be?” said Vidya Balan in the video, captioned, “When people ask me, picture mein hero kaun hai?”

When she addressed guilt-free eating

There’s a video Balan shared a few weeks back where she spoke about her love for chocolate. “Imagine, if snickers were pouring down like a fountain,” she said. In a world, where diet fads have become the new norm, and people have unwillingly taken to restricting themselves to take a bite of their favourite snack almost always, here’s Balan unabashedly sharing mid-week cravings, guilt-free munching and so much more.

Special mention to the Monday reels

There is no smashing any stereotype here but couldn’t stop at just that. Vidya Balan addressing Monday blues like no one else. The ‘entertainment, entertainment, entertainment’ factor is right there in the way she talks about lazy Sundays followed by crazy Mondays, and you would be lying if you say you don’t relate to them.