Watch: This 'Cool' College Principal's Dance Stole The Show Mid-Fest

A video of Delhi University's Gargi College principal walking the ramp with students and dancing at the annual cultural fest has gone viral, delighting internet users.

Pavi Vyas
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CREDITS: Instagram

Watch: Gargi College's Principal Steals The Show At College Fest (Image: Instagram).

The recent annual cultural festival of Gargi College, Delhi University, aptly named "Reverie," witnessed a sight that truly captured hearts and went viral on social media. The college's Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, surprised everyone by not only gracing the event but actively participating in it, much to the delight of the student crowd.


A video shared on Instagram by a student from the college shows Dr Bhatia in a saree walking down the ramp alongside two students on the beats of a hip-hop song. She also danced on 'High Heels' by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Jaz Dhami, pumping up the hall. 

Watch: Gargi College's Principal Steals The Show At College Fest:

While most of us have memories of strict principals, the faculty of Gargi College has been breaking that perception by not only actively participating with the students in the college fest, but also being the showstopper and taking everyone by surprise, creating a friendly bridge between students and teachers to be more approachable for students. 

A video shared on Instagram shows Dr Bhatia, gracefully walking the ramp in a saree alongside two students. But the moment doesn't end there. As the upbeat music of "High Heels" by Jaz Dhami and Honey Singh fills the air, Dr Bhatia breaks into an energetic dance, leaving the audience cheering and applauding. The video, captioned "Reverie even made our principal dance," perfectly captures the infectious joy and camaraderie that unfolded at the festival.


Internet Reacts:

This spontaneous act by Dr Bhatia has resonated with many, garnering widespread praise on social media. It's seen as a refreshing departure from the typical formal interactions between students and administration, highlighting a more approachable and relatable leadership style.

The video that was shared three days ago has already garnered 2.8M views and 171k likes with 1000 plus comments with many netizens hailing the principal while others comparing the principal with their principals. 

A user wrote "Our principal is the sweetest person ever" another wrote "She is the coolest" hailing Dr Bhatia. Many other comments wished they had such encouraging and "cool" faculty as a comment read "God I wished I had such kind of faculty."

Dr. Bhatia's participation in the fest goes beyond a fun moment. It signifies a breakdown of rigid hierarchies, encouraging a more open and interactive relationship between students and faculty. This act has not only warmed hearts but also sparked important conversations about fostering a more engaging and enjoyable educational experience.

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