How Redhead Baddie Dua From Pakistan Became Internet Sweetheart

For years YouTube comments of the Coke Studio Pakistan were filled with comments "divided by borders, united by coke studio" but a little girl seemed to have changed this! Here's how:

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The internet has a new favourite child, and her name is Dua Arshad. This adorable little girl from Pakistan has taken the world by storm with her infectious laugh, her signature red hair ponytail, and her unique "helium voice." Dua has become a viral sensation through her family's Instagram account, @arshadreels, which features short, funny videos of their daily lives.


What makes this truly stand out is that it has become not just a ruling internet sensation, but the little kid has become the top star in this vast digital landscape, where trends rise and fall with the click of a button. Dua persists in winning hearts and is becoming not just a growing trend but also ruling the meme culture now. What made Dua stand out and become an icon? Let's find out!

Redhead Baddie Dua: The Viral Internet Sensation From Pakistan

A new red-haired Dua is ruling the hearts of many, and it's not global sensational pop singer Dua Lipa but 3-year-old Dua Arshad, popularly known as 'the redhead baddie' on the Internet. The adorable three-year-old girl from Pakistan has become a viral sensation thanks to her family's Instagram account, @arshadreels. 

Dua's charm is undeniable. Her wide, expressive eyes sparkle with mischief, and her smile could melt glaciers. But what truly sets her apart is her "helium voice," a high-pitched melody that dances between a giggle and a squeak, often likened to the playful chirping of a helium balloon.

But Dua has more than just a cute face and a funny voice. She's also a smart and sassy little girl. In her videos, she often cracks jokes and gives her family a hard time. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and she's always up for a challenge.


Muhammad Arshad and His Fam:

Muhammad Arshad is a content creator who went viral for creating homely vlogs of his daily life along with his family, consisting of his three children, Zainab, Muhammad, and Dua. The parents of the kids are better known as 'Zainab ki Mama' and 'Zainab ke Papa' on the internet. 

The reason the family went viral is their humble depiction of Islamic-traditional rural videos with a funny punch, but what has been striking chords with the netizens is the robotic voice-overs without much voice modulation. Sounding monotonous is what tickles funny bones, while Dua being the star of the page steals the limelight as the netizens claim is her badass attitude and funny punches. 

The page has now reached over 420k followers on Instagram and 5.4 million subscribers on YouTube, with each reel crossing over a million views and equally funny comments from the 'fans' of the reels coming over all our FYPs and becoming a guilty pleasure and a 3 am midnight addiction that we couldn't stop scrolling past these reels. 

What makes these reels more interesting is the comments section, and Arshad Muhammad takes every roast and jokes with a positive spirit, while most comments can be observed as "fan following" of the little girl Dua.


A Growing Trend:

The family has become a trending viral sensation, going from creator to viral trend themselves. The famous 'Zainab ke papa phal kha lein' audio has become so popular that even famous influencers like Kusha Kapila, Tanmay Bhatt, comedians Danish Sait, and Sumukhi Suresh couldn't stop creating reels on the audio on the sets of Koffee With Karan S8

Many other creators are making funny reels on the trending audio, quoting it like "that one reel on your Instagram" and "Me at 3 am," stating the ordeal of the whole Instagram's addiction to the reels of the family.


Meme Culture:

Not just in the reel culture, but Dua has also made her way to one of the top meme cultures, with many memers and creators making Dua edits and memes on the kid tickling the funny bones of the netizens and proving what kind of star the little kid has become in no time, which is truly "iconic behaviour."

Dua's popularity is an example of the power of the internet. In a world that can often be divided and hateful, Dua has brought people together, fading the divide between the two countries and being equally loved by Indians as well. She's a reminder that laughter is a universal language and that joy can be found in the simplest things.


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