You’ll Never Walk Alone: Friends Shave Heads In Solidarity With Cancer Struggling Teen

Friends Shave Heads To Support Cancer Struck Friend
Kindness and solidarity can go a long way and if shown to someone who is dealing with the worst phase of their life, it’s beautiful and inspiring. Recently, a teenager fighting cancer was taken by surprise when her friends surprised her at her doorstep.

A video featuring a beautiful act of kindness has now gone viral on social media, garnering heartwarming responses. The clip shows a teenage girl, who lost her hair due to chemotherapy, coming out of her living room only to find her high school friends standing there with their shaved heads.

Friends Shave Heads To Support Cancer Struck Friend, Chant “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

When you are going through a tough time, the love and sympathy of your loved ones can help you get through it. Friends’ solidarity may mean a lot and can quickly lift one’s spirits. When a youngster with cancer lost her hair, a group of her pals came up to her residence. They all shaved their heads in sympathy with the teen’s battle, and a touching video of the girl being astonished by this sight has gone viral.

In a video, the girl can be seen gripping her head in astonishment after a bunch of pals gathered at her house with their shaved heads. They did this in support of a teen fighting cancer. She was taken aback and this gesture overwhelmed her. She laughed and cried at the same time, and hugged her family.

The teen is surprised to see her classmates in the video, which Good News Movement shared on Twitter. She can be seen crying as her companions stand outside with their shaven heads in style. When they enter the room, she can be seen getting emotional. The video caption reads, “NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE: A cancer-stricken teen is startled by her pals, who arrive at her house after shaving their own heads in solidarity. You have everything if you have pals.”

Chanting, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which is also the slogan for the popular football club Liverpool, the friends stood beside her letting her know she isn’t alone in this fight. Netizens loved the gesture made by the girl’s friends, appreciating them for showing solidarity in the best way possible.

A social media user commented, “This gesture moved many people on the internet. Some people also prayed for the girl’s quick recovery. So gorgeous and adorable. When you have pals like them, you will never walk alone. You are all great.”

“I’m glad to see young people coming up in support of their buddy. The more our unity, the easier the weight. Continue your excellent job” Another remark was made by a netizen.

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