Watch These Two Friends Reunite After Almost 50 Years

Friends Reunite After Years
Two women, who first met as little girls when India got independence and became best of friends got separated when life got in the way. While the geographical distance grew a lot, they made all efforts to stay in touch despite not being able to meet. However, their grandkids who grew up listening to stories about their friendship, decided to bring them together again.

Gopika shares this beautiful story with SheThePeople and recalls how her grandma and her best friend Sharadha felt when they saw each either after almost five decades.

Friends Reunite After Years

“We first met when India gained independence. Sharadha moved from Mavelikkara to my village in Aranamula, when she was young. Our houses were pretty close, so she would often swing by my place. She was a big help, taking care of my younger siblings alongside me. And in our free time, we’d hang out and even play some little games together.

It took 50 years, for us to meet again. I got married and ended up moving far away. Eventually, I became a teacher at an Upper Primary school. Life got busy with kids and all, so my visits back to my Tharavadu (ancestral home) became less frequent. Sharadha also moved to another place in the same area, just a bit farther from my Tharavadu. So, it was tough to catch up, and sometimes she wasn’t around when I visited. But we stayed in touch through our families.

Life got in the way but this friendship grew stronger

I remember, when I got married, we used rice from our own paddy field. But let me tell you, turning that yield into rice was no walk in the park. It was hard work that required a whole bunch of hands. And Sharadha stood up for it all. We had this tradition called Virundhuvarav, where I visit my Tharavadu after Kalyanam (wedding). Then I met Sharadha again. And when Sharadha showed me her hands that day, they were covered in blisters from all the toil. It left me speechless, seeing her love and dedication.

Our long-awaited reunion wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of my grandkids. They came down from Mumbai for a vacation and were eager to see my Tharavadu and my people. I wasn’t sure I could manage the long journey due to my health. But my grandkids insisted, and I figured, why not give it a shot before I kick the bucket, right? The hardest part was getting into the car, I tell you. So, we started by visiting my Tharavadu, but nobody lived there anymore.

Everything had changed, and I didn’t recognise anyone. But somehow, we finally found Sharadha’s house, and that’s when the long-awaited reunion happened! Meeting her after almost 50 years made me realise, that spark of our friendship has stood the test of time.”

Featuring Gopika’s Grandma.

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