5 Ways To Sustain Your Girl Friendships Post-Marriage

Friendships change after marriage—but here's how to make sure they change for the better so your crew stays intact.

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Ways for sustaining friendship after marriage
You must have probably heard many people claiming that everything changes after marriage. However, it does occur to some extent as well! Marriage comes with responsibilities and obligations, and often the couple no longer has enough time to meet or communicate with friends.

However, you may be wondering why someone would want to abandon their friends after finding a life mate and for sure. However, many people are shut off from their pals after marriage! This is because, after marriage, you strive to maintain balance by taking time away from work and home and are unable to devote time to friends.

There are numerous ways to manage your relationship with your old friends efficiently but it will require constant efforts. It is aptly said that things don't take time to drift but binding them stronger needs constant assurance and checking up on your friends.

Ways for sustaining friendship after marriage in order to have a long-lasting connection

Maintain open and honest communication:

Communication is quite pertinent in all relationships, including friendships. After you are married, it's critical to maintain contact with your pals because sharing the little things eventually makes people unveil the dark secrets, harsh realities, and insecurities of their life. When you are married, it might be inconvenient for you initially but steadily you will get into the habit of talking with them and pretty soon a day devoid of their chatter will make you feel bereft and you would find yourself craving for their soothing and not-so-humorous talk. Ultimately, be open and honest with one another, and share your emotions and sentiments openly.

Empathy and support:


These are two essential components of any healthy relationship. Be there for your friends when they need you, and encourage them to achieve their goals and dreams. This may be as easy as lending a sympathetic ear and expressing words of encouragement. Never impose yourself on your friends and beforehand let them grab the opportunity to handle the mike and be an intensive listener. Be their vestibule and help them out with every affliction. Moreover, lending an ear and an empathetic attitude is what you need to inculcate for the sake of comforting your friend. Wohoo! you are all set for a long-lasting and robust ">friendship.

Respect one another's boundaries:

Boundaries are part and parcel of every relationship. It's critical to respect your friends' boundaries and recognise that they may have different priorities due to various phases of life. Respect their perspectives and never try to manipulate them. If they don't agree with any of your musings, insist on the elaboration and comprehend their point of view which signifies their individuality. They can never be you and vice versa. Allow them space when they require it, and don't take it personally if they are unable to spend as much time with you as they formerly did.

Mutual interests:

Shared interests play a vital role in keeping the friendship intact. Discover your friends' hobbies and incorporate them into your strategy. Keep hanging out together and explore the arena which excites you both. This might range from watching a movie together to going on a walk or visiting a new location. It's not that you become so preoccupied after marriage that you don't have time to leave the house. However, you must seek out chances and make tiny attempts to create new pals. Although, owing to duties and activities, you yearn for a particular event after marriage.

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