Watch: TV Anchor Hits Back At Trolls Calling Her Outfit Inappropriate

Narelda Jacobs, a TV News presenter, was trolled for her on-air outfit choice. Jacobs gave a bold response to the unsolicited feedback she received.

Aditi Bagaria
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Image sourced from Instagram/@Narelda Jacobs

Image sourced from Instagram/@Narelda Jacobs

Unsolicited feedback on women's clothing has been a despicable, yet common, practice since time immemorial, and surprisingly, it is still an ongoing phenomenon. Australian TV host Narelda Jacobs posted a screenshot of an email that her entire newsroom received on May 7. This email was provided by a viewer purporting to be "feedback," but it was just a criticism of Jacob's attire. One sentence said, "Feedback: Inappropriate dress sense for reading the news," in the email addressed to "Narelda Jacobs. News".


"Nightclubs are the place for cleavage.”

Jacobs included a screenshot of the email in an Instagram post, along with the ensemble she wore for the show. She wrote, "Yes, we still receive emails like this. Yes, it went to the entire newsroom. Yes, I was on air at the time. Yes, it is intended to shame and humiliate me. No, what I’m wearing is not inappropriate but your email sure is.”

The email, which was received on May 7, said, "Subject: Narelda Jacobs. News." 

Feedback: Inappropriate dress sense for reading the news. Cleavage is for the nightclubs.”

The post was shared a day ago on Instagram. It has received almost 6,800 likes since then. The post has also garnered a ton of comments from users


One of the users commented, "Subject: Narelda Jacobs. News.

Feedback: Always stunning, informed and intelligent."

Another said, "Clearly Daryl needs to get to more nightclubs ♥️"

“Some people are sad and small and spray their sad smallness around. Good thing the sound of their sad smallness is like a mozzie on helium, and the sound of your radiance is the entire brass section of a whole goddamn orchestra,” posted an Instagram user.

“Aside from you looking perfect. I mean… Of all the things in the world today to get upset about it’s this?” shared another.

Narelda Jacobs describes herself as a "Whadjuk Noongar journalist, presenter, MC, keynote speaker, and commentator" on her LinkedIn profile. She has hosted and co-hosted a number of shows on Network 10 over her more than 20 years there.


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