Fab Over 50: These Women Are Rocking The Instagram Influencer Game

Here are some Indian influencers over the age of 50 who are setting major goals by breaking age barriers. From dance to cooking videos to storytelling, they do it all.

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Seema Anand, Ranjini Chandy, Shanthi Ramachandran

They have spunk. They have style. They have Instagram accounts. And they are here to stay. A whole batch of Indian women over 50 have made grand entries on the social media stage. They are what internet bugs call 'influencers.' Once a playground reserved for young fashionistas, Instagram influencing is witnessing a wave of new entrants - like these older women - who are breaking new ground with every post. At an age when society expects them to fit into definitions of sombre, elderly women, they are defying norms and naysayers by going where the passions of their hearts lead them.


Some are painting, some are dressing up, some are telling stories, others are handing out life experiences and yet others, delicious recipes.

Here are some Indian influencers over the age of 50 you should be following: 

Seema Anand

Seema Anand combined her passion towards sexual health education and storytelling to give us her magnetic Instagram feed. "Changing the world one story at a time," her bio aptly reads. From mythological chronicles to dating in 2024, Anand is known for her treasure trove of knowledge. Plus, she likes to say it all unabashed. 


The 61-year-old writer of The Arts of Seduction flaunts over 1.4 Million Instagram followers. In an interview with SheThePeople, she advocated for women to own their narratives and say it out loud. "If you want your voice to be heard, you have to just keep speaking. You have to keep telling that story," she said.

Rajini Chandy

Home-maker turned actor Rajini Chandy began 2021 by setting fire to Instagram with kickass pictures from her photoshoot. The 72-year-old, in a series shot by photographer Athira Joy, was seen wearing everything from sarees, ripped jeans, and denim dresses, to jumpsuits. 

Chandy, who made her debut in Malayalam films at 65 and then appeared on Bigg Boss, told BBC, “I’m just doing what brings me pleasure. I’m learning to play the drum, I’m not aiming for perfection, I’m just having fun… I believe it’s okay to do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone.”


The internet, however, vicious as ever was not all too kind to Chandy. Her feed was bombarded with comments pulling her down and slut-shaming her for a "photoshoot too sexy for her age." It apparently came as a rude shock to people when Chandy ditched her saree for a dress. “It’s worse because it shows my legs,” she said. But as cool as she is, Chandy added, “But I have good legs, so it didn’t really bother me.”

Manjri Varde

Manjri Varde, popular alternatively as actor Sameera Reddy's mother-in-law, boasts of a colourful Instagram feed splashed with paints and merrymaking. The 70-year-old painter creates a range of abstract, divine, and traditional art, giving over 65K followers a glimpse into her creative world.

Her label Samanjri promotes 'wearable art,' a comfortable combination of various fabrics, calligraphies, and poetic chants that are all her creations. On Instagram, however, Varde is best known as one half of the Sassy Saasu-Messy Mama duo, the other half comprising her daughter-in-law.


Shattering a ton of negative stereotypes that surround saas-bahus in India, Varde and Reddy through their mimicry and dance videos are setting new standards of how amiable an in-law relationship can be.

With a mother-daughter camaraderie, the two collaborate on dances and challenges (albeit not without some leg-pulling).

Ravi Bala Sharma

Ravi Bala Sharma has only a few posts to her name, but her following stands magnificently at 114K followers - a testament to how true talents value quality over quantity. The dancing dadi is breaking a leg to trending tracks with as much ease as she is to traditional numbers.

Sharma on her Instagram feed can be seen grooving to everything from the fast-paced Pinga to the melancholic Moh Moh Ke Dhaage. Her dance to Diljit Dosanjh's G.O.A.T. had gone viral and earned her praise from the singer too. Her bio, as lively as her performances, reads: "65 & still making my birthday wishes!"

Formerly a teacher, Sharma says her kathak mentor was her father. As per her feed, she is even professionally trained in tabla. After retirement, she is now pursuing her recreational interests, setting new milestones for herself as well as all other older women watching her. Sharma's videos, noted for their grace and effortless movement, have even caught the interest of choreographers like Terence Lewis.

Shanthi Ramachandran 

Shanthi Ramachandran is a food wizard with magic in her hands to whip up everything from traditional everyday meals to the most exquisite artisan dishes. Formerly a banker, she began an Instagram account to showcase her culinary wisdom with everything from poriyal to parathas.

Ramachandran's Instagram, with its quintessential maa ke haath ka khana offers an immediate sense of comfort and belonging to those who visit it. At over 52K followers, her drool-worthy feed looks like culinary heaven, displaying an assortment of treats plated in a way that is both stylish and homely. 

Waheeda Rehman 

Though not very active on social media, Waheeda Rehman often pops up on Instagram with appearances on her daughter Kashvi Rekhy's feed. The yesteryear actor, known for legendary Hindi films like Guide, Khamoshi, CID, and Kaagaz ke Phool, in her 80s has taken to nurturing her passions outside of the acting sphere. 

Aside from being a wildlife photographer with training, and having travelled across India and Africa on projects, 86-year-old Rehman also maintains a keen interest in water sports. Photos of her snorkelling with her daughter in the Andamans recently surfaced online, in which the actor could be seen exploring the deep waters of the ocean in Havelock island. Read more about it here.

Although Rehman is still high on glamour from her 1960s and 70s cinema prominence, reminiscing about it during public appearances, she hasn't let that starry status or her age become a deterrent to enjoying other interests in life. She has said she even plans on seeking training in scuba diving. 

Views expressed are the author's own. 


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