5 Red Flags In A Guy That Signal It's Time To Swipe Left

If you are at that stage of your life where your parents, relatives, neighbors, or even your housekeeper keep reminding you, “You have reached the marriageable age," then this video is for you.

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Red Flags in Men

If you are at that stage of your life where your parents, relatives, neighbours, or even your housekeeper keep reminding you, "You have reached the marriageable age," then this video is for you. People might label you as "difficult,"  but trust me, it's all about making the right choices for yourself.


"He is a nice boy."

"What is the problem now?"

"Girls have to adjust a little."

"If you have such high expectations, then you will get no one."

The Red Flags: 5 Convincing Reasons to Reject a Guy


He wants to change you 

Ever met a guy who subtly hints at changing your lifestyle or appearance?

"Oh! You are not like other girls, why do you need makeup? Don't apply so much makeup.”

“Why haven't you started going to the gym?  Lose some weight, and you will look beautiful.”

“What is the need for hair color?.”

“Why do you have so many male friends?”


These types of guys will very politely and sweetly manipulate you to make changes in yourself.  A guy who can not accept you just the way you are, will never be satisfied and will always expect you to keep listening to him. Always remember, you're perfect as you are, so no alterations are required.

He brags about his money

Well, it’s good if you draw a six-figure salary, have a lavish lifestyle, but talking about it continuously is a big turn off. True compatibility isn't measured in bank statements but in mutual respect and understanding.

He is rude & insensitive to people ‘below’ him

 These are the guys who pretend to be very nice, humble, and kind but give you a reality check as soon as you see them talking to a waiter or servant as if they are his slaves. More than a good husband or a good boyfriend, he should be a good human being first. 

He has stereotypical expectations of a woman


If he's stuck in the past with his ideas about gender roles, it's a big NO-NO. If a guy holds on to typical beliefs like women can't have body hair, they always need to please others, adjust, can't speak their minds or have strong opinions, or must dress a certain way, it's a big red flagand you must run away as fast as you can. 

He thinks he is superior

If he makes you feel inferior, thinks he is always right, and never values your opinions, then let me tell you, he is a walking red flag, and it’s time to show him the exit. Because he will always try to remain above you and take all the decisions, and you can never be happy with such a person 

One of the most important things in a relationship is to treat each other equally, and if a guy cannot do that, please walk away, because this person will never let you have a say in things and will always put his opinions on top. When it comes to matters of the heart, never settle for less than you deserve. Saying no to a guy for the right reasons isn't difficult; it's about valuing yourself and your happiness above anything else. 

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