US: Woman Wakes Up From A 5-Year Coma Responding To Mom's Joke

Jennifer Flewellen, who had been in an "irreversible coma" since a car accident in September 2017, woke up from her 5-year coma, responding with laughter to her mother's joke.

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Image: GoFundMe

In a wholesome turn of events, Jennifer Flewellen from Michigan, who had been in an "irreversible coma" since a car accident in September 2017, recently embarked on a miraculous path to recovery. The turning point occurred on August 25, 2022, when she woke up from her 5-year coma, responding with laughter to her mother's joke.


Jennifer's mother, Peggy Means, shared the astonishing moment of her daughter waking up in an interview with People. Flewellen's laughter was a novel experience for her family, bringing immense joy and relief. Peggy Means expressed her emotions, stating, "Every dream came true. Today's the day I said, 'That door that was closed, that kept us apart, had just opened. We were back.'"

A Miraculous Awakening: Laughter Breaks the Silence

While the laughter marked a significant breakthrough, Jennifer Flewellen faces the difficult task of regaining speech and mobility after five years in a coma. Undeterred by the challenges, Flewellen is determined to rebuild her life, supported by her family and medical professionals.

Means revealed that Jennifer initially couldn't speak upon waking up but communicated through nodding. The early days involved extensive sleep, but over the months, she grew stronger and more alert. Dr. Ralph Wang, her physician at Michigan's Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, described the progress as exceptionally rare, emphasizing that only 1-2% of patients exhibit such improvements after waking up from a coma.

Recognizing the challenges ahead, a GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to assist Jennifer Flewellen in acquiring a handicapped support van and making necessary home modifications. The community's support is crucial in facilitating her transition back into daily life.

Throughout Jennifer's time in the hospital, her mother remained a constant presence by her side. Means recounted the journey, highlighting the rare and extraordinary nature of her daughter's recovery. The emotional bond between mother and daughter became evident as they faced the trials together.


A Touching Return: Jennifer Attends Son's Football Game

One of the heartwarming moments in Jennifer's journey was her attendance at her son Julian's football game. Julian, who was only 11 when his mother fell into a coma, expressed the surreal experience of having his biggest supporter back on the sidelines cheering for him.

Additional Therapy and Continued Progress

Following the news of Jennifer attending her son's football game, she secured additional therapy through Mary Free Bed, a local rehabilitation hospital. This step signifies a continued commitment to her recovery and highlights the potential for further progress in the days to come.

Jennifer Flewellen's extraordinary story of awakening from a 5-year coma is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of unwavering support from loved ones and the community. As she navigates the challenges of rehabilitation, her journey becomes an inspiration for many, offering hope and encouragement in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

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