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US Woman Arrested For Biting Boyfriend During Fight Over Adult Toy

Woman Bites Boyfriend Over Adult Toy
Recently, in a bizarre incident, a woman in the United States was put behind bars after she was found guilty of biting her boyfriend during a fight and was charged with violence.

The Florida police arrested the woman on account of domestic battery after she bit her boyfriend in the middle of a fight over the ownership of an adult toy.

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Woman Bites Boyfriend Over Adult Toy

In a fight where the only ‘adult’ proved to be the adult toy, a woman faced consequences for going overboard after she ended up physically hurting her boyfriend.

The 34-year-old woman living in Florida was at home with her boyfriend when they argued over a sex toy. The argument soon became physical and she aggressively bit her partner during the fight.

According to reports, the toy belonged to the woman’s boyfriend and it was in his possession until he asked her back for it. She reportedly attacked him when he firmly asked her to return the toy to him. In a statement given to the police, the 33-year-old man shared that he had grabbed her handbag during the fight and asked her to trade it with the adult gadget toy.

According to the man, she brutally attacked him and bit him in response. “I have your handbag, give me back my gadget,” he had told her.

In the investigation carried out by the police, it was found that the woman was the aggressor, as she first kicked her boyfriend brutally before biting him. The man, in his defence, punched the woman to get her off him but he eventually ended up getting hurt.

The Fort Pierce Police booked her in charge of domestic battery and later arrested her. The woman is currently detained at the St. Lucie County Jail in Florida, United States.

Similar Case

In another case arising from Florida, a 23-year-old woman bit an on-duty policeman’s ring finger after she was confronted for driving rashly. The cop stopped her car and pulled her over after she was caught speeding up her car.

The officer decided to arrest her after finding out that she had outstanding arrest orders, but the woman did not take the news well and became aggressive. She bit his ring, and the brutal skin tear left the officers to bleed profusely. The cops arrested her later.