"To Sleep With Her Ex-Partner:" Husband Shares Wife's Death Wish

An anonymous Reddit user opened up about his wife's death wish. The wife who potentially had another nine months to live confided in her husband that she wished to sleep with her ex-partner once before she dies.

Kalyani Ganesan
Aug 07, 2023 19:45 IST
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A devastated husband shared on Reddit about one of the twisted dying wishes of his wife, which he could neither agree with nor share with anyone. According to the anonymous user, his wife was suffering from a terminal medical condition and potentially had another nine months to live.

The couple had been together for nearly a decade, and this was one of the toughest phases of their lives. The husband had been trying all possible ways to fulfil all her death wishes when his wife, who had the possibility of becoming bedridden in a few months, confessed to him about one of her dying wishes.

Wife Wants To Sleep With Ex-Partner

She admitted that she wanted to sleep with her ex-partner one last time. The Reddit user said that his wife thought her ex-partner was the most compatible and sexually satisfying lover. She had given a lengthy monologue on how sometimes sex is just physical and said that sex with her husband was emotionally fulfilling for her.


The woman’s wish had left the man in a dilemma. He can’t seem to deny his dying wife's wishes for the sake of his ego. At the same time, he was not comfortable with the idea of his wife sleeping with her ex-partner.

He explained that he felt obligated to agree to her wish because she was on her deathbed. The disturbed husband shared that he was utterly hurt to be in this perplexed situation. He said he was so hurt that his wife felt that sex with her ex-partner was so good that she wanted to do it once again before she died. He concluded by saying he hated everything about this.

Apparently, the post was two years old but resurfaced due to a few Reddit users commenting on it in the past three days. Most of the netizens suggested that the husband divorce his wife. One of the recent comments told the husband to divorce her, saying he didn’t deserve to be with a person like that. Another user reassured the husband that he wasn’t in the wrong and that it was wrong of the wife to be asking him this. Another netizen pointed out the lack of boundaries from the woman's side. A fourth user questioned the legitimacy of the post, asking if anyone knew what happened later or if it was a fake post.

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