Who Is Ekaterina Mizulina? Russia Censorship Chief & Putin’s Alleged Partner

Several reports have alleged that Vladimir Putin has grown fond of Ekaterina Mizulina, the 39-year-old head of Russia's Safe Internet League. She has been a close aid to the Russian government and the daughter of pro-Putin senator Elena Mizulina.

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Vladimir Putin has allegedly found a new love interest in Ekaterina 'Katya' Mizulina, the head of Russia's Safe Internet League. According to the Ukrainian outlet, Channel 24, the 39-year-old pro-censorship leader has emerged as the Russian President's "morality guardian". Russian human rights campaigner Olga Romanova told Channel 24, “Katya Mizulina is completely to Putin’s taste. This Barbie [expletive] type has always suited him very well.” Russian Telegram channel Kremlevskaya Tabakerka also claimed that the Putin and Mizulina “have grown close recently” and that he has found a “new flame for companionship” in her.


Mizulina is the daughter of anti-Ukrainian former senator Yelena Mizulina. Ekaterina Mizulina is a UK-educated art historian and was working with the Russian government as a translator for official delegations that visited China. She joined the Safe Internet League in 2017.

Who Is Ekaterina Mizulina?

Ekaterina Mizulina is a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and has also been the executive director of the National Center for Children's Assistance from 2017 to 2020. As the chief of the League of Internet Safety (LSI), Mizulina advocates for censorship on the Internet, fines and other sanctions against media and social networks that do not comply with Russian legislation. 

She once declared in May 2022, “We will clean up Ukraine from the Nazis and bandits, and then we will get to Google and Wikipedia.” Mizulina also supports the Russian Ministry of Justice to the Supreme Court in their demand that the international LGBTQ+ movement be recognized as "extremist" and its activities banned in Russia.

Putin's Alleged Romantic Interest

Speaking to Ukrainian media, Olga Romanova said that Ekaterina Mizulina perfectly fits Putin's type. She cited multimillionaire strip club owner Svetlana Krivonogikh and Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, who were known to be the 71-year-old President's love interests for many years. “Katya Mizulina is completely to Putin’s taste. This Barbie type has always suited him very well," Romanova said.


She sarcastically added, "[Putin is] 71 years old, let’s not be ageist. In general, the man is in full bloom, why not?” Adding to the rumours, Russian Telegram site Kremlevskaya Tabakerka said that the Russian President has found a “new flame for companionship" in the censorship chief. The site clarified that their sources "were extremely careful in talking about it, because no one can offer a 100% confirmation.”



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