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Who Is Aruna Miller? First Indian-American To Hold Lt Governor Office Of Maryland

Aruna Miller
As millions of Americans cast their votes in key races for governor, secretary of state and other offices down the ballot,  Aruna Miller has made history after becoming the first Indian-American, as well as the first south Asian woman to hold the office of Lieutenant Governor in Maryland, US.

The Lieutenant Governor is the state’s highest official following the Governor and assumes the role when the Governor is out of state or incapacitated. The Lieutenant Governor also becomes the Governor should the Governor die, resign or be removed from office.

Who is Aruna Miller?

Miller, 58, a former delegate to the Maryland House, was on the Lieutenant Governor ticket along with Wes Moore — the Democratic Governor elect. Both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had campaigned in favour of Moore and Miller.

Miller was born in Hyderabad and moved to the United States when she was 7. Miller holds a degree in civil engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. She moved to Maryland in 1990, where she worked for 25 years at the local Department of Transportation in Montgomery County. Aruna is married to Dave Miller. Both are parents to three daughters and the family resides in Montgomery County, reports Times Now.

“Maryland, tonight you showed the nation what a small but mighty state can do when democracy is on the ballot. You chose unity over division, expanding rights over restricting rights, and hope over fear. You chose Wes Moore and me to be your next Governor and Lieutenant Governor,” Miller said in her victory speech.

“Ever since I came to this country in 1972, I’ve never stopped being excited for the promise of America. I will never stop fighting to make sure that promise is available to everyone. And this promise begins with a commitment to deliver a Maryland where we leave no one behind,” she added.

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