6-Year-Old US Girl Sexually Assaulted By Classmate With Teacher Present In Class

The girl has told her parents that a boy exposed his private parts to her in the lunch line at school. She added that he had pulled her under a desk and forced her to perform oral sex on a male student. He also recorded the incident on an iPad.

Kalyani Ganesan
May 11, 2023 14:53 IST
Woman Arrested For Posing As School Student, Girl Assaulted By Classmate
Parents are protesting after a six-year-old girl was allegedly forced to perform oral sex on her male classmates while the boys recorded it with the teacher present in the United States. About 200 angry parents are participating in the protest on Friday, chanting "Be Their Voice" as they express dissatisfaction over the school’s careless response to the incident.

Fox News also reported that parents and community members have been infuriated by the incident at the school. The number of protesters engaging in a strike outside the school has been increasing.

Texas Girl Assaulted By Classmate

The horrific incident took place at Plainview South Elementary on April 19 and only came to light when a parent posted about it on social media.


An older cousin of the 6-year-old girl said that she had noticed a change in the girl’s behaviour following the traumatic incident. The cousin, Heather Gonzales spoke with KCBD and shared that the minor girl was in distress, and when questioned, the girl revealed that a boy had exposed his private parts to her in the lunch line at school.

She added that a week before the incident, she had been pulled under the desk and forced her to perform oral sex on a male student. Another boy also recorded the horrifying incident on an iPad issued by the school.

Reportedly, the video showed the girl trying to fight off the boys underneath the desk. The young girl told her cousin that she was hitting him with a poetry book as she tried to escape. The cousin revealed that the incident occurred "until they let her go."


Gonzales further alleged that the district was not transparent with the family and responded with "no comment" when questioned by the family.

The iPad was locked with a password by a student, and only a day after the incident did a teacher confiscate it and send it to the IT department to be opened. The students had, however, watched the video by that time.

The teacher who claimed that they couldn’t see the incident from where they were sitting in the classroom has been placed on administrative leave.


The minor girl’s family is planning another protest in the evening. One of the parents taking part in the protest said that a 6-year-old being exposed to things that even adults would have a tough time overcoming is concerning. The trauma would be at its worst, and it would have a trickle-down effect because such incidents affect everyone around them.

The authorities acknowledged the incident only a week later, following a public outcry.

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