Heartwarming: Stranger Retrieves Woman's Lost Phone From Lake

A heartwarming incident in Sunapee, New Hampshire, saw Simon 'Saint Simon' dive into a lake to retrieve a woman's lost phone. The viral video captures his selfless act, prompting comments praising his kindness and the power of unity.

Harnur Watta
Aug 24, 2023 19:25 IST
Image credits: UPI

Image credits: UPI

In a remarkable display of selflessness and community spirit, a video capturing the inspiring moment of a man's daring dive into a tranquil lake to recover a lost cell phone has been circulating on social media, captivating viewers with its touching narrative. 

The incident unfolded in the idyllic town of Sunapee, nestled in the scenic landscapes of New Hampshire, USA.

The video, shared on Facebook, has garnered nearly 4,700 views since its upload on August 21.

The Sunapee Police Department, responsible for posting the video, accompanied it with a heartfelt caption recounting the incident in vivid detail. 


In a society often clouded by the challenges of modern life, this story stands as a beacon of unity and compassion.

Dianne Bonfiglio, the protagonist of this heartening tale, accidentally dropped her precious cell phone into the lake's tranquil waters. 

As fate would have it, a pontoon boat filled with a group of spirited young people happened to be in close proximity. 


Among them, a young man named Simon, affectionately known as "Saint Simon," volunteered for a daunting feat. 

Without a moment's hesitation, he plunged into the lake's depths, facing 15 feet of water to retrieve the submerged device.

Rhonda at Harborside Trading contributed to the cause by providing Simon with a pair of swim goggles, enhancing his chances of success. 


In a breathtaking turn of events, Simon's first dive yielded success as he triumphantly emerged from the water, cradling the lost phone in his hand. 

The crowd that had gathered on the shoreline erupted into cheers, their collective joy a testament to the uplifting power of human connection.

The emotional rollercoaster didn't stop there. 


As Dianne Bonfiglio retrieved her phone, disbelief and elation swept over her as she discovered that the device was still functional. 

In a moment of pure jubilation, the weight of her earlier misfortune was replaced with gratitude and wonder. 

Gratitude and Hope Resound


The Sunapee Police Department aptly summarised the incident in their caption, noting how this serendipitous occurrence brought a ray of light to the bustling harbour, cutting through the stress of the day.

Dianne Lane Bonfiglio, deeply moved by the outpouring of support, took to the comments section of the viral post to express her feelings


She expressed heartfelt gratitude to all who played a role in the recovery, giving special mention to Simon and Officer Brigham, who initiated the rescue mission. 

Dianne's words resonated with the underlying theme of the incident – that goodness and kindness can emerge even in the most unexpected circumstances. 

"God works in mysterious ways," she concluded, encapsulating the profound impact of the moment.

Facebook users from near and far joined the chorus of admiration and astonishment. 

Comments poured in, echoing the sentiment that this heartening tale was indeed a bright spot in the daily news cycle. 

One user aptly described it as the "best news story of the day," while another marvelled at the phone's resilience, declaring it "beautiful." 

Others shared their amazement, emphasising that such acts of selflessness are truly remarkable and inspiring.

In a world often dominated by divisive headlines, this story stands as a testament to the enduring power of compassion, community, and the unbreakable spirit of helping one another. 

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