Meet Shania Muhammad; At 16 She Is The Youngest Teacher In America

16-year-old Oklahoma-based Shania Muhammad is reportedly the youngest full-time teacher in the United States. Muhammad graduated at the age of 15 and has several accolades to her name.

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Meet Shania Muhammad, The Youngest Teacher Of America At 16 (Image: ABC News).

Shania Muhammad, a 16-year-old prodigy from Oklahoma, is breaking barriers by proliferating knowledge in young minds and cultivating the power of education. Muhammad is the youngest full-time educator in a university based in the United States. She achieved this feat after becoming the youngest student to graduate from a university in Oklahoma at the age of 15. 


Shania graduated from the University of Langston in Oklahoma with a bachelor's degree in arts with flying colours as she secured an average GPA of 4.0 which was the highest in her class. Apart from being a young prodigy, educator, public speaker and author, Muhammad is also an advocate of human rights and exemplifies the power of education and perseverance in pursuit of dreams.

Meet Shania Muhammad, The Youngest Teacher In America At 16

While graduating college in the teen years is not a rare exception as several students globally achieve this feat, Muhammad's zest to mark her ground in the field of education is getting her attention.

Muhammad who chose to be an educator, teaching 8-year-old students, shared her vision of active participation and intent to turn classrooms into 'safe spaces' for exploration and growth. 

In an interview with KOCO TV, Muhammad shared her journey of shattering records through knowledge which is a testament to relentless pursuit and family support. "I didn’t wake up one day and say, ‘Hey, Dad, sign me up for college'. There were levels before I even got to this point," she recalled.

Muhammad shared that she and her family began preparing for college at an unusually early age when she was just eight at a time when children in the US at that age are second graders. Not only did Muhammad complete high school when most children were still in middle school, but she was also admitted to Langston University at the age of 13. 

Muhammad shared that her journey in extraordinaire academic pursuits was influenced by her family as both her siblings were her source of motivation to look up to as her brother is a top graduate from a private school in Oklahoma and her sister too finished high school at 16 with a GPA of 4.0.

Muhammad's journey sets a new modern-thinking approach in the evolving landscape of education.

Shania Muhammad Youngest Teacher