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Parents Enraged By ‘Sexual Fantasy’ Homework For US Children In Schools

Sexual Fantasy Homework
A school in Oregon gave its students a ‘sexual fantasy’ homework which had the student’s parents and netizens enraged. The assignment asked students to write a short story on a sexual fantasy.

The Churchill High School students of the health class were asked to pen a short story on sexual fantasy as approved by the syllabus of the district. The short story was meant to be a paragraph or two long and the students were prohibited from mentioning instances of penetrative or oral sex.

Sexual Fantasy Homework

The students were given a choice of picking up to three of the items prescribed for their stories. The prescribed items were massage oils, feathers and flavoured syrup, and sensual music. The assignment brief states that the students should be able to show through their stories that they can give and receive love without sex.

This assignment was posted on a social media group. It has garnered the wrath of parents within an hour. One of the parents commented that their wards felt awkward and mortified by this assignment. Additionally, Katherine Rogers, a parent of one of the students, also asked how the district could approve a curriculum such as the one in question.

The assignment was removed from the syllabus, but scrutiny of the health classes revealed that another assignment had asked students who they wished to perform the act with. This assignment had students pen down the initials of the one they desired to perform a variety of sexual acts including penetrative anal sex and oral sex.

That February classwork had students responding to sexual categories they wished to perform based on a virtual spinning wheel. The assignment received backlash from the parents and the school issued a statement claiming that such assignments were already approved by the Oregon Department Of Education.

However, officials involved with the curriculum believed differently. They held that the curriculum being followed by the school could be unauthorised and outdated.

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