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Objectified And Pigeonholed: Scarlett Johansson On Being Hypersexualised

Scarlett Johansson Courting Controversies, Scarlett Johansson On Being Hypersexualised
Actor Scarlett Johansson recently made an appearance for actor-producer Dax Shepard’s podcast, where she shared the insecurity she dealt with early in her career over the kind of roles she was being projected to. Johansson revealed to the host, Shepard, that she was hypersexualised at a young age and that made her worry about her future in the industry like a lot of women.

In an honest revelation at a podcast, the 37-year-old actor recalled the stress over losing roles she wanted because she felt like she was hypersexualised and objectified early in her career.

Scarlett Johansson On Being Hypersexualised

The podcast titled Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast had Johansson over as a guest speaker where she spoke about her career and choices at length.  The Marvel Universe actor recalled the time when she was only being offered certain kinds of roles which made her feel she was being hypersexualised by the industry at a young age.

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Johansson shared the insecurities she faced while navigating her career because she believed she had become objectified to an extent that it made her pigeonholed into a certain kind of career trajectory. “I sort of became objectified and pigeonholed in a manner that I felt I wasn’t being offered roles that I really wanted to act for,” she revealed.

The American actor, who made her debut with the film North in 1994, was worried at a point in time where she thought she would never get to play diverse roles throughout her career and that, she shared, would mean her career was over. She continued, “I remember thinking that people, maybe, project me to be this 40-year-old woman who has been acting for a long time and there is nothing new I could do more, and that scared me thinking I’m done here.”

Johansson, however, discussed how times have changed for young female actors now because they are not forced into being limited to a certain genre or kind of character. “I witness younger actors who are trying different things and they are, in fact, being offered diverse opportunities which is great and dynamic.”

The actor was last seen on the big screens in the film Black Widow. She will soon be seen in the multi-starrer Asteroid City and My Mother’s Wedding.

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