Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot While Waiting At Seattle Intersection

Investigators say that a man ran up to Eina Kwon's car and opened fire before running away. He was later captured nearby by police.

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Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot While Waiting At Seattle Intersection
A woman who was eight months pregnant died after a man shot multiple times into a car she was in while stopped at an intersection in central Seattle, authorities said.

Harrowing news has come forward from Seattle where a sushi restaurant owner was shot dead in her car by a random gunman. The shot woman was 8 months pregnant.

Pregnant Seattle Restaurant Owner Shot Dead:

A 34-year-old woman identified as Eina Kwon, was shot multiple times into her car while it was stopped at an intersection near Aburiya Bento House. The incident took place near the city's famed Pike Place Market.

The identified woman was a sushi restaurant owner with her husband Sung Kwon (37), who was also shot in the arm and is recovering now in the hospital. The woman’s baby was delivered at a hospital but died soon after, The Seattle Times reported Wednesday, citing a probable cause statement.

Kwon's owned the sushi restaurant Aburiya Bento House established in 2018 which serves traditional and fusion sushi and is popular amongst tourists, people seeking lunch deals, and downtown workers.

The incident happened near the restaurant when a 30-year-old man fired into the driver's side of the car with a handgun and ran away. After matching the descriptions of the witnesses a man was arrested who raised his arms telling "I did it. I did it." as officers approached him.


The man could not be seen having any interactions in the neighbourhood CCTV footage and the statement to investigators the gunman said that he saw the firearm in the vehicle and reacted by firing.

The gunman is taken into custody and charges of homicide, assault, and illegal possession of a firearm along with murder charges have been imposed on the accused. 

 A crowdfunding campaign has been organised by Consulate General for the Republic of Korea in Seattle to bring Eina Kwon's family from Korea to the United States for Kwon's funeral. An amount of nearly $50,000 has been raised.

Image from Ken Lambert /The Seattle Times via AP

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