Napoleon Trailer: Ridley Scott, Joaquin Phoenix's Drama Out Soon

The film Napoleon depicts the relentless journey of the French tyrannical emperor Napoleon, his rise to power and his dramatic fall. The film is directed by Ridley Scott and features Joaquin Phoenix in a titular role.

Pavi Vyas
Jul 11, 2023 19:58 IST
Credits: Youtube/ Sony Entertainment

Image: Official Trailer

Napoleon is one of the most highly-anticipated films for cinephiles across the world, and its makers have just dropped their first trailer giving goosebumps already.

Written by David Scarpa, and produced and directed by the legendary Ridley Scott under the banner of Sony Entertainment and Apple TV+, the film features Oscar-winning star Joaquin Phoenix playing the titular role of legendary French tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte.

The film depicts the rise and fall of this visionary militant who shook the world through the prism of an addictive and volatile relationship with his one true love, Empress Josephine, played by Venessa Kirby. 

Napoleon Trailer


The film commences with the story being established in the Napoleonic era of France, 1793, when the country was in the chaos and instability of the radical French Revolution after the execution of Queen of France Marrie Antoinette (Sophia Copolla). The trailer shows glimpses of the brutal fights for the thrown as Napoleon uses the instability of France in his favour and removes French royalists insurgents, becoming a great military commander. As Joaquin says in the trailer, "I promise you brilliant successes." 

The trailer then advances to breathtaking war sequences like never seen before in grandeur landscapes as Napoleon takes over the Romanian Empire, invading Egypt in the summers and Russia in its cold winters, becoming one of the biggest tyrannical emperors in history, revolutionising the whole of Europe upside down and his rise to authority over French military. As the trailer says, "He came from nothing and conquered everything."

The glimpses of Empress Josephine and Napolean romance are shown who stood by Napoleon's side as he advanced to take over the throne. Joquin says before taking the throne, "I am destined for greatness. But those in power will only see me as a sword." While later, Josephine is heard saying to Napoleon, "You are just a tiny little brute who is nothing without me." as Napoleon discusses the Europe that is united against him. 


There are great war scenes and the journey of the rise and fall of one of the greatest kings in history. The film is expected to depict some intense complexities of an emperor, tyrant, lover, and legend while showing different shades of character. The film also casts Tahar Rahim, Ben Miles, Ludivine Sagnier, Phil Cornwell, Mathew Needham, and Youssef Kerkour in some pivotal roles.  

The film Napoleon is set to invade theatres this Thanksgiving on 22nd November and later stream on Apple Tv+.



The 85-year-old legendary director Ridley Scott after giving us the greatest hits like Blade Runner, The Martian, American Gangster, and many others, still doesn't fail to give us another one of the year's greatest movies. At the same time, fans are excited and have high hopes for the duo of Joaquin and Ridley. While Joaquin Phoenix is known for his dark and conventional roles, winning Oscar for Joker and his spectacular role with his versatility of getting into any character's skin in movies like Her, The Beau Is Afraid, Gladiator and many more. 

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