Meet The 79-Year-Old Woman Who Has Traveled To Every Single Country

Luisa Yu from Miami, Florida fulfilled her lifelong dream of visiting every country in the world, marking the end of her world tour with Serbia this year. She has travelled to 193 countries spanning over 50 years

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Yu has visited all 193 countries in the world and ended her world tour in Serbia this year | Photos: Luisa Yu Instagram

Nothing can stop Luisa Yu from achieving her dream of travelling the world. At the age of 79, Yu has declared to have finally completed her mission of visiting every single country in the world. Yu embarked on a world tour journey in her early 20s, and finally marked the end of it on November 9, checking off the last destination on her list, Serbia. Originally from the Philippines, Yu has lived in the USA since her arrival in St. Louis as an exchange student. She later moved to Miami and has lived there for over 50 years.


The Miami resident took off on her journey by travelling across different states of the US. “I travelled all over the United States, almost to the 45 states,” Yu told NBC6 South Florida. Her entire world tour spans over 50 years, with countless memories and countless people. 

Friends Made Along The Way

"They call me Mama because I am the oldest, and they are young,” Luisa Yu told NBC6, about the fellow travellers and locals she met during her travels. She has gathered several new acquaintances and travel partners along the way from across the world.


Yu told NBC6 that these friends eagerly awaited for her to complete her world tour, so they could commemorate her journey. "They said, please make your last trip to Serbia, we are going to have some party for you... When I exited the airport, there were people clapping and cheering,” Yu shared with NBC6.

Recognition Received

Yu is the recipient of the Nomad Mania Travel Award 2022 as the 'Most Positive Traveller'. Nomad Mania is a non-profit organisation launched in 2012 that aims to help people with limited resources to travel more. Yu has also received the Global Explorer, the Most Adventure Explorer Award from the PhilippinesYu told NBC6 that she cannot choose a favourite country, but has a soft corner for her home nation, Philippines, with Thailand and Italy coming close. 

Luisa Yu ended her world tour on November 9. She is going to turn 80 in a few months and feels proud of her achievement. “I did fulfil my dream. I was able to buy a house on my own. I was able to travel on my own... I’m just happy. I want to thank all the people that have been so nice and kind to me,” she told NBC6.


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