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Indian-American Couple Aditya Madiraju And Amit Shah Expecting Their First Child

Indian-American Gay Couple Expecting Their First Baby
Aditya Madiraju and Amit Shah, who went viral on the internet in 2019 after photos of their grand traditional Hindu wedding in New Jersey, US, are expecting their first child. The couple is now in the headlines again as they are all set to become parents. The couple is expecting their first baby in May 2023.

Indian-American Gay Couple Expecting Their First Baby

The gorgeous couple’s paternity photoshoot was shared on Instagram by People magazine. Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju shared adorable ultrasound pictures of their soon-to-be-born baby. “Only five or six people know as of now. I think culturally, as many other cultures also do, you don’t want to jinx something. You just kind of keep it under wraps and just wait and be patient,” said the couple while speaking to People magazine.

Madiraju said that the couple had discussed their desire to become parents from the beginning. He thinks that though this would usually be a red flag, he believes that they stayed together because of this discussion. Like every other couple, Madiraju and Shah want to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and all other holidays. Currently, the couple is curious about how their lives will turn out to be. They also revealed that initially, they had no idea what they could do, how much it would cost, what the process was, or how long it would take. However, once things were in motion, there were still many things to learn.

“We won’t be gay parents, we’ll just be parents,” said Madiraju.

The couple had a fairytale wedding in 2019. On the occasion of their third anniversary, Madiraju wrote on Instagram, “I had a dream and it came true. Now I cherish and hold on to it with love. And I thank the universe every day that he made you for me, @amit_aatma.”

Madiraju and Shah hit it off instantly when they met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2016. “The first time we whispered “I love you” to each other, and from there on out, we both knew we’d end up spending the rest of our lives together,” Shah said in an interview with the iDIVA.

Aditya Madiraju is a Telugu guy from New Delhi, while Amit Shah is a Gujarati American from New Jersey.

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