Google Doodle Honours Altina Schinasi, Creator Of Cat-Eye Frames

Google Doodle celebrates Altina Schinasi's 116th birthday, an influential American artist known for her innovative textiles, ceramics, and jewelry designs, including the iconic Harlequin cat-eye glasses. Her bold, colorful works continue to inspire.

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Google Doodle Today: Schinasi's work was highly influential, and she is considered to be one of the most important textile designers of the 20th century.

Google Doodle Today: Schinasi's work was highly influential, and she is considered to be one of the most important textile designers of the 20th century.

On Friday, August 4th, the Google homepage is adorned with a vibrant and captivating Google Doodle, paying tribute to Altina Schinasi, a trailblazing American artist and designer who left an indelible mark on the worlds of textiles, ceramics, and jewellery. 

Born on January 18, 1922, in the bustling city of New York, Schinasi's artistic journey would eventually lead her to become one of the most influential textile designers of the 20th century.

Schinasi's creative brilliance knew no bounds, thanks in part to her artistic heritage. Her father, Samuel Schinasi, was a gifted painter and printmaker, while her mother, Lucia Schinasi, was a renowned textile designer. 

These familial influences, combined with her own innate talent, set the stage for Altina's remarkable artistic career.

Throughout her formative years, Schinasi honed her craft at the prestigious Art Students League of New York, studying under the tutelage of eminent artists such as Hans Hofmann and Morris Kantor. 

It was here that she laid the foundation for her distinctive style, which would later become synonymous with bold colours, geometric patterns, and abstract forms.

One of Schinasi's most iconic contributions to the world of fashion was the design of the Harlequin cat-eye glasses in the 1940s

Image credits: Vanity Fair
Image credits: Vanity Fair

These enchanting eyewear pieces boasted large, almond-shaped frames with elegantly upturned tips. 

Inspired by Venetian masquerade masks, these glasses were not just a fashion statement but a testament to Schinasi's imaginative and innovative spirit.

Beyond the realm of fashion, Schinasi's influence extended to the realm of academia, where she served as a professor of ceramics at the esteemed University of California, Berkeley. 

Her expertise and dedication to her craft earned her a place among the ranks of the National Academy of Design, solidifying her status as a pioneering figure in the world of textile design.

The accolades continued to pour in for Altina Schinasi, as she was awarded the American Crafts Council's prestigious Gold Medal. 


Her masterful work, characterised by skilful use of colour and texture, caught the attention of museums and private collectors worldwide, leading to her creations being cherished in collections at renowned institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Schinasi's artistic legacy is immortalised in several notable works, each bearing the distinctive touch of her visionary brilliance. 

Among these works are the "Altina Schinasi" rug, a remarkable creation designed for the Knoll Textile Company in 1955, and the exquisite "Aphrodite" ceramic vase, which Schinasi crafted for the esteemed Steuben Glass Company in 1960. 

Another masterpiece that showcases her talents is the "Opus II" necklace, a stunning design conceived in 1965.

Today, on what would have been her 116th birthday, we celebrate the life and enduring impact of Altina Schinasi. 

Her creative ingenuity, passion for art, and dedication to pushing boundaries continue to inspire artists and designers around the world. 


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