Watch: Girl, 7, Starts Lemonade Stand To Fund Her Late Mom's Headstone

7-year-old Emouree Johnson met with tragedy when her mother Karli died at 29. What further affected Emouree was that her family could not afford a headstone for Karli. So she did the one thing she could do to fund one - she started a lemonade stand.

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Girls makes lemonade to fund, image: CBS

Image Source: CBS news

Seven-year-old Emouree Johnson woke up one day to find out her mother had passed away. Karli Bordner, her 29-year-old mother, was a single parent who raised Emouree all on her own. While the loss was huge for young Emouree, what further saddened her was not being able to get her late mother a proper headstone. While the other graves had elegant grey headstones, her mother only had a small metal one.


Emouree's Lemonade Stand 

"It felt like she was being left out," Emouree told CBS News in an interview. Her grandmother told her that a simple headstone would cost $500, which the family could not afford. And so Emouree did the one thing that she knew she could do to raise money. She made a lemonade stand. 

Emouree set up her business on the street, charging one dollar for a drink. She didn't reveal her cause initially, but word got out anyway. Soon, business started booming. It was like everybody wanted a lemonade, says Emouree, surprised at how well people responded to her enterprise

Often, people paid more than one dollar per drink. According to Emouree, the biggest amount a customer gave her for a drink was 300 bucks. 

When a headstone company heard of Emouree's business and the reason for her raising money, they offered to pay for her mother's headstone, which came as a pleasant surprise for Emouree and her family. So far, the lemonade stand has raised 15,000 dollars, all of which could now be added to Emouree's savings because of the headstone company's contribution. 

In a Facebook post, Emouree's grandmother gave thanks to everyone who contributed to the cause. "I have never experienced something so amazing, a gift from God for Emouree. This has been an amazing blessing, and I can't say thank you enough." 

Shortly after her mother had died, Emouree also lost her uncle tragically. But for the young girl, hope and joy could be found in the simplest of places. If anything, her lemonade stand is the testimony to this. 

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