Do Fathers Who Have Daughters Live Longer? What Research Reveals

In a study conducted by Jagiellonian University, researchers studied the relationship between parental longevity & the gender of their offspring. The study revealed that fathers with daughters tend to live longer than those with just sons.

Ishika Thanvi
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In a groundbreaking study conducted by Jagiellonian University, researchers studied the fascinating relationship between parental longevity and the gender of their offspring. The study, encompassing a substantial sample size of 4,310 individuals, revealed a remarkable discovery: fathers with daughters tend to live longer than those with just sons. 


The correlation was not merely incidental; in fact, each daughter born increased the average lifespan of fathers by an impressive 74 weeks. As society grapples with discussions around "toxic masculinity," this research offers a refreshing perspective on the positive impact of the father-daughter dynamic. Beyond stereotypes and preconceived notions, the study highlights the critical role fathers play in the home and in shaping the lives of their daughters.

Exploring Reproductive Costs and Longevity

Researchers highlight the biological underpinnings of this phenomenon, the study acknowledges the energy and physiological expenses associated with reproduction. Traditionally, the assumption has been that individuals investing in producing offspring might experience a decline in health and a potential reduction in lifespan. However, this study challenges conventional wisdom, showcasing that while women with large families may exhibit signs of deterioration, the same is not necessarily true for men.

Gender Disparities in the Impact of Offspring on Longevity

A fascinating aspect of the research is the gender-specific impact of offspring on parental longevity. Contrary to expectations, sons did not significantly affect the lifespan of fathers. On the other hand, each daughter proved to be a catalyst for increased longevity, painting a unique picture of the interplay between parental health and the gender of their children.

Maternal Longevity: A Balanced Equation


The study further expands its scope to examine the effects on maternal longevity. Surprisingly, both sons and daughters were found to reduce maternal lifespan to a similar extent, with an average decrease of 95 weeks per child. This challenges assumptions about the relative impact of sons and daughters on the health of mothers.

The Underrated Father-Daughter Bond 

Fathers play a profound role in shaping the lives of their daughters, influencing their emotional, social, and cognitive development. The impact begins with the father-daughter bond, which serves as a cornerstone for healthy relationships later in life. While society often places a spotlight on the mother-child connection, the unique and special relationship between fathers and daughters often operates behind the scenes. This bond goes beyond mere familial ties; it becomes a cornerstone for emotional development, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills.

Through positive role modelling, fathers become influential figures in shaping their daughters' perceptions of relationships and expectations in both personal and professional spheres. The underrated nature of this bond lies in its subtlety, with its impact rippling through various aspects of a daughter's life, from personal choices to professional endeavours. It's a silent force that, when acknowledged, reveals the profound influence fathers have in nurturing strong, independent, and resilient daughters.

Rethinking the Dynamics of Parenthood

As we navigate through evolving societal norms and discussions surrounding gender roles, this study prompts a reevaluation of the dynamics between parents and their children. It not only sheds light on the unique bond between fathers and daughters but also challenges preconceptions about the physiological costs of reproduction. The intricate interplay between gender, parenthood, and longevity opens avenues for future research, inviting a deeper understanding of the complexities inherent in the human experience.

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