Andrew Tate Allegedly 'Enslaved Women' And Took Their Earnings

Disturbing revelations have come to light in the Andrew Tate case as Romanian prosecutors unveiled a heap of graphic evidence against the Tate brothers. They are facing trial for human trafficking and forming organised crime groups.

Kalyani Ganesan
Aug 24, 2023 12:51 IST
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A BBC report has revealed that the legal charges against Andre Tate and his brother are very serious. Referring to the prosecution files, the news report on Wednesday said that Romania’s organised crime unit formally charged Andrew Tate and his brother in June.

The Tate brothers are set to challenge the charges and prosecution evidence against them later this month at a pre-trial hearing. Both of them are facing trial for human trafficking and forming organised crime groups, along with two other allies.

Charges Against Andrew Tate And Brother

Here are the four grave charges levelled against the Tate brothers.


Forced women into sexual activities

According to a BBC report, a woman claimed that she sustained eye and breast injuries during a sexually violent act inflicted on her by Tate. The prosecutors in Romania transcribed some audio messages in which Tate’s brother is heard saying he would "slave these b***ches."

Romanian prosecutors allege that  Andrew Tate and his brother sexually exploited women in a house outside Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The Tate brothers are accused of forcing the women to produce pornographic content through physical violence and mental harassment.


Money Laundering

According to the Romanian prosecutors, Andrew Tate allegedly transferred $5 million into an online bank account. He headlines it as "Rev Only Fans." It has been alleged that the Tate brothers don’t have income from "lawful activities."

Human Trafficking


The Romanian prosecutors have gained access to messages in which Tate reportedly claimed leadership of the adult content business. The business is alleged to be a human trafficking ring.

Took a woman's earnings

The BBC reported that Georgiana Naghel, an ally of the Tate brothers, was controlling access to the money made by trafficked women on OnlyFans. The Tate brothers allegedly took away half of the earnings women made on TikTok. They also used physical or verbal abuse to force women to produce specific content following a strict schedule.

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