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Amy Schumer SNL Monologue Touches Upon Abortion Access, Spouse’s Autism, Elections

Amy Schumer SNL Monologue
Actor-comedian Amy Schumer returned to Saturday Night Live as a host and, true to her nature, aced the blend of sarcasm with humour by making some personal revelations and addressing serious issues in the country. The 41-year-old Trainwreck star not only shared her personal struggles but also called out the part of the American system that maintains its stand on anti-abortion.

Amy Schumer’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live addressed her spouse’s autism spectrum diagnosis and the state of abortion access in America. She also called out Kanye West for his anti-semitic remarks.

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Amy Schumer SNL Monologue

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live marked Amy Schumer’s third appearance as a host of the popular and long-running show. Starting her monologue with how the country is approaching elections, she makes a sarcastic hit at the political handling of abortion laws and says, We’re a few days before the ‘midterm abortions,’ she says, soon after correcting herself to say, ‘midterm elections,’ leaving the audience in splits. She continued, “Sorry, I was thinking about what is at stake if we don’t vote. People really love advising pregnant women, right? Like the whole time I was pregnant, I had this one friend telling me ‘You must do prenatal yoga. It helps with the birth.’ I listened to her and I immediately signed up… for a C-section.”

“My spouse has autism spectrum disorder. It was earlier called Asperger’s until they found that Dr Asperger had Nazi ties…Kanye.”

The comedian made a slight yet powerful reference to rapper Kanye West, who once found him in the middle of a controversy. This time, receiving backlash and serve criticism from the entertainment industry for his anti-semitic comments. While discussing her spouse Chris Fischer’s autism spectrum she said, “My spouse has autism spectrum disorder. It was earlier called Asperger’s until they found that Dr Asperger had Nazi ties…Kanye.” Schumer, taking Kanye’s name, looked at her mic and mumbled, “that’s weird.”

Schumer also added Fischer’s diagnosis has proved to be positive for the family as they now better understand his behaviour. She further revealed how she dealt with one of the toughest weeks of her life prior to hosting the show this time as her three-year-old son was diagnosed with Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and was hospitalised. RSV is currently spreading across the United States this season and it is particularly affecting children, as hundreds of kids are contracting the virus leading to several hospitalisations.

Schumer made her debut on Saturday Night Live in October 2015. She hosted the show for the second time in May 2018.