Being Mysterious Is Cool Again, Example: Orry

After countless sightings, loads of headlines, and tonnes of speculations, Orry has finally shared a few secrets about himself. He has revealed about his job, his income source, how much he makes, and lots more!

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Orry has finally shared a few secrets about himself. Image Credit: Instagram @orry1

People were always curious about Orry—what he does, where he's from, and why he's so famous. Despite being a well-known celebrity, he's been wrapped in mystery. But after countless sightings, loads of headlines, and tonnes of speculations, Orry has finally shared a few secrets about himself. He split the beans on his job, his income source, how much he makes, and lots more!


5 Recent Revelations About Orry

Orry Is A 'Liver'

Once again, Orhan Awatramani, also known as Orry or Bollywood's BFF, attempted to clarify his profession, but his explanation only added more confusion to his mysterious persona. In a recent interview that's gaining attention, Orry referred to himself as a ‘liver’—not in reference to the body's organ but as a play on words. He justified it, saying, "You do a job, you're a jobber. You paint, you're a painter. I'm living, so I'm a liver. Yes, I'm a liver," repeatedly emphasising the term.

During his appearance on Bigg Boss 17, Orry introduced himself to Salman Khan in a unique manner, much like in the earlier interview.

Now, we may ask ourselves, why we are not a 'liver' and just someone living life with a real liver? Meanwhile, what he does is still a mystery, someone actually made an entire song about it. Have you heard it yet?


Artist Mayur Jumani has given a playful spin to the iconic track Gori Gori from Shah Rukh Khan's movie Main Hoon Naa. The lyrics go, What does Orry do? The creative video showcases memorable moments, including Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday on Koffee With Karan, Karan Johar questioning Orry about his profession.

Is Orry A Marketing Genius?

Remember the last confusion we had about someone's job? It was like the time when Kim Kardashian became a sensation. And guess what followed? The Kardashians have their own show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, brimming with glitz, drama, and a powerful family matriarch.

Orry recently reshared a post about him potentially being a marketing mastermind and predicted a future of being famous for simply being famous, akin to the Kardashians. Although Orry mentioned that the post might not entirely reflect reality.


Orry’s Posts Are All Fake?

Orry’s internet stardom thrives on his connections with big names across entertainment, business, and politics, showcased through his social media posts. On Big Boss 17, Orry made a surprising revelation about those photos, insisting they're heavily edited. "Every picture of mine is photoshopped. Nose, jaw, waist, hands — all Photoshop," he confessed. Additionally, he joked about using three phones a day because his batteries keep running out.


Orry Charges Rs 20-30 Lakhs For A Pic?

Orry dropped another bombshell during a conversation with none other than Salman Khan! It turns out Orry earns a jaw-dropping sum, anywhere between Rs 20 and Rs 30 lakh, just by snapping pictures at parties. He shared how hosts invite him to events, asking for photos with their loved ones. In a single night, Orry disclosed that he owed this massive amount. Khan, impressed by this unusual profession, jokingly expressed his interest in mastering the art of making money through selfies.

Orry's Management Squad

He even shared details about his management squad, which consists of five managers. This team comprises a social media manager, a PR manager, a general brand manager, and a food manager who supervises his dietary needs.

Have more burning questions about Orry? Leave them in the comments below! Orry confessed he reads through everything, so you might just get an answer soon!

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