From Research Papers To iPhones: 5 Quirky Wedding Invitation Designs That Went Viral

quirky wedding invitation
Innovative and quirky wedding invitations quickly go viral on social media to the amusement of netizens. Indian weddings are often large events where family members, relatives, and friends unite to celebrate. While weddings continue to get increasingly extravagant, creative wedding invitations are taking social media by storm.

Recently, a pharmacist couple’s wedding invitation went viral because it was designed after the back of a pack of tablets. The wedding invitation had the name of the bride and groom and details about the wedding printed on it where details about the medications are usually provided.

The couple Ezhilarasan and Vasanthakumari are both pharmacists and professors in college which is why their wedding invitation was designed after medication. The pharmacist couple’s invitation is not the only quirky wedding invitation to go viral and shock netizens.

Quirky Wedding Invitations

Tablet Box Wedding Invitation

A chemistry-themed wedding invitation was made and printed onto a box shaped like a medicine box. The invitation read, “Wedding was formulated and being prepared!” With the use of chemical symbols, the invitation spelled out “Gayu” and “Vichu”.

The couple Gayathri Elangovan and Vishwanath Ramalingam’s entire wedding invitation was chemistry themed, including the wedding descriptors. The invite read, “We, two different atoms are ready to bond covalently in marriage life to be a molecule. This is being registered as NCE (New Couple Identity) and you are invited to be the catalyst on our special occasion to show your blessings and complete our reaction.”

Mamata Banerjee Weds Socialism

A woman from Tamil Nadu named P Mamata Banerjee got married to a man named AM Socialism. The couple is namesakes of politician Mamata Banerjee and the socialist movement socialism respectively. The couple’s unique names cause their wedding invitation to go viral.

After the wedding invitation went out, people were surprised by the couple’s names and found it unbelievable. Socialism’s father Mohan said, “Cadres, friends, and many from media called me to verify whether the invitation is genuine”.

Research Paper Wedding Invitation

Two PhD holders decided to send out wedding invitations designed after research papers. The couple’s names and personal details were blurred for privacy and posted on social media.

The ‘research paper’ was a “Systematic Review and Announcement” of the couple. The keywords included the terms love, best friends forever, celebration, adventure, wedding, etc.

Under the Background and Rationale portion, the “authors” of the paper and the to-be married couple requested the attendance of the guests.

The Results section of the invitation listed when the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception would take place.

iPhone Wedding Invitation

Suresh and Vidhya used a pamphlet designed like an iPhone as their wedding invitations. The ‘lock screen’ featured a picture of the couple with their names. Open opening the pamphlet, fake screenshots of a phone screen had information about the couple and their wedding displayed. It also displayed a group chat with the couple where they described each other and their relationship.

Lawyer’s Wedding Invitation

The couple Ajay and Pooja, two lawyers set to be married embraced the law theme in their wedding invitations. The invitation read, “When lawyers get married, they don’t say ‘YES’, they say ‘We accept the terms and conditions”‘.

The invitation said the right to marry was a component of the right to life in the Indian Constitution and the couple was using the Fundamental Right. The guests were asked to attend the meeting under Article 19 (i) (b), which gives people the right to assemble peaceable and without arms.

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