Image Of Pharmacist Couple’s Unique Wedding Invitation Design Goes Viral

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A pharmacist’s wedding invitation went viral for being designed to look like the back of a pack of tablets. Instead of having instructions and details about the medication, the wedding invitation contained the name of the bride and groom and details about the wedding date and time.

Harsh Vardhan Goenka, the chairman of the Rama Prasad Goenka (RPG) Group. The chairman took to social media to share the creative wedding invitation. Goenka wrote in the caption, “A pharmacist’s wedding invitation! People have become so innovative these days”.

The wedding invitation of the couple Ezhilarasan and Vasanthakumari went viral. Instead of having a warning section on the pack of tablets, the invitation read, “All friends and relatives don’t miss my wedding function.”

Pharmacist Couple Wedding Invitation

On the side of the invitation, the wedding date and time were mentioned along with the reception date and time. The left side of the pack of tablets provided the couple’s qualifications and details about their job. The groom Ezhilarasan has a master’s degree in pharmacy and is an assistant professor at Kamalakshi Pandurangan College of Pharmacy. The bride M Vansanthakumari has a master’s degree in science in nursing. She is also an assistant professor and works at the Sri Ranga Poopathi College of Nursing.

A mash-up of the couple’s name, “Ezhilvasantha” along with the wedding date was mentioned several times on the wedding invitation.

The pharmacists and soon-to-be-married couple Ezhilarasan and Vasanthakumari are set to get married on September 5 and mentioned the wedding venue on the invitation. There was even a section for “Special Days” which included days such as Teachers Day, Mother Teresa Memorial Day, and Dr Radhakrishnana’s Birthday.

The Rx symbol used in the prescriptions of medication and on medical appliances was featured on the wedding invitation inside of illustrations of a red heart. Netizens described the wedding invitation as the “height of creativity”. One user replied with pictures of a wedding invitation designed after a tablet box and wrote, “Here comes a chemist!” Another user quipped, “Thankfully they haven’t mentioned the batch number and expiry date!”

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