Chipkali Choker: Desi Social Media Loses It Over Bizarre New Accessory

Lizard choker
Viral Lizard Choker: Fashion has always taken inspiration from the animal kingdom. From leopard, cheetah prints to Scorpio pendants. You name it, some brand must have it. These trends however aren’t a hit with many fashion lovers. They are even difficult to understand. The latest in animal-inspired fashion is the choker by an international apparel brand. The choker looks like a gold lizard. If an individual dares to sport it, it can look like they are being choked by a lizard. Fun? it can be for some.

A social media influencer Gopali Tiwari could not help but express how repulsed she was with the idea of the lizard choker being worn by women. She posted a reel on her Instagram and showed the piece of jewellery to her followers. She quipped, “Kaunsi ladkiyaan hain jo ye chipkaliyaan pehen rahi hain (who are these girls are who are wearing these lizard accessories).” The reactions to her reel prove that Tiwari is not the only one disturbed by the idea. Over four lakh people saw the reel and flooded it with comments. Mostly about how they can do without Zara’s lizard choker.

One user wrote that they are scared just by looking at it while another suggested a name change of the brand. From Zara to Zoora. Some were also impressed by accessory and enquired about where they can get it. Apparently, the choker costs about two thousand. If one is looking to buy a lizard inspired accessory which does not necessarily choke them, wristbands can also be found with the same brand.

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To be fair, the jewellery isn’t very unusual considering the variety of unusual apparels and accessories available at high end and retail stores these days. One only has to decide how much risk they want to take and what part of their personality they are comfortable showcasing. After all, what you wear is how you want to be seen. This theory at least holds with people who can afford whatever they want to wear. If “chipkali” choker is what suits is as per their liking, who are we to judge?