“Bhai Lang”: New Programming Language By 2 Indians Goes Viral

Screenshot of Bhai Lang
A new programming language is taking the internet by storm. “Bhai Lang”, a toy programming language, inspired by the ‘bro-talk’ used by Hindi-speaking gentry is a welcome quirk for the techies out there. The toy programming language was created by two Indian developers—Aniket Singh from Amazon and Rishabh Tripathi from Groww.

“Bhai” is an Indian word for brother; it’s written as typescript and combines “Bhai” from Hindi and hi, bye and other English words.

Just like our worlds, the code in the language is empty without “Bhai”—an Indian word for brother. “Bhai-lang” too has its own syntax, similar to Java and other programming languages and it is important that eery instruction contains the word ‘Bhai’.

According to the official website, the entry point of the code begins with “hi Bhai” and the syntax ends with “bye Bhai” and all codes written outside the tags will be ignored. The prompt “Arre Bhai Bhai Bhai” shows up when a developer or coder makes a mistake.

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The screenshots of the programming language surfaced on social media which got the users’ creative juices flowing.

Riddhi, a Twitter user wrote, “We just took BroCode to another level – literally!!” Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Imagine #bhailang as a Styling language… “colour” property be like Bhai mujhe rang de: #ffd700.” A user also thought it was a prank until they tried out the “interesting” programming language.

A barrage of memes has flooded Twitter as many people shared their hilarious takes on the new programming language with pictures of Paresh Rawal’s dialogues in the comedy film Welcome and Hera Pheri, Salman Khan’s Tere Naam. Bharat Founder and Managing Director Ashneer Grover’s dialogue, “Bhai kya Kar Raha hai tu (brother, what are you doing),” from Shark Tank India has also made its way into the language.

The “Bhai-lang”, which was born out of the creators’ inside joke, functions as an average computer programming language like HTML, CSS, C++ etc. The language has its own GitHub page where an entire directory of usage of built-ins, conditionals and loops is made available for the users.

While the numbers and strings resemble other languages, “sahi” and “galat” are the Boolean values of the language. You can get coding too using their playground feature and experiment with new codes. If it runs successfully, you’ll be met with a “Shandar Bhai” message as well.

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