5 Reasons Why Turkey Should Be On Your Bucket List

Kavya Shah
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When you want to explore a new culture and space, Turkey is one of the few destinations that is a must-visit for everyone. It entails yummylicious food, amazing monuments and a whole lot of fun.


Travelling is a passion. It is an escape from routine and it helps you get the break you desperately need. Getting away from routine helps you get back the energy and find the zest in life. When you travel you learn, explore and are refreshed so as to get back to your normal life. So, if travelling is your passion, when you visit Turkey you are bound to learn, explore and get to taste some heavenly delicacies.

Here are 5 reasons on why Turkey should be your next holiday destination:

#1 Amazing food

Baklava Baklava

The food found in the Turkish cuisine is special and one of a kind. From fresh Baklava to a variety in seafood, the home made meze platter appeals to everyone. From huge breakfast spreads to Ottoman classics, this cuisine is liked by all.

#2 Turkish baths


Hamam Hamam bath

The Turkish bath – Hamam has now become part of the Turkish experience. This bath is fun and one of a kind. Being cleaned and washed in a cloud of soap is an amazing way to relax and enjoy oneself.

#3 Pammukale

pamukkale Pammukale

This natural wonder pulls thousands of tourists into Turkey. A world heritage site, this cotton castle is scenic and has several water springs. When I went to this place, I was simply filled with awe. How can something be so beautiful, look so serene and have so much to it, apart from just the appearance.

cappadocia-balloon-ride Cappadocia balloon ride


#4 Cappadocia

In Cappadocia, you can stay in cave hotels, go up on hot air balloon rides, and simply admire the historical sites surrounding you. This place has a lot of historical context and is situated in the mountainous regions of Turkey. Viewing the sunsets and sunrises is just all together another experience. Cappadocia’s underground cities will stun you. There are more than 40 underground cities, out of which few are connected by underground tunnels. Archaeologists believe that few of these might have been created in 1200 BC.

temple-of-hadrian-ephesus Temple of Hadrian Ephesus

#5 Historical relevance

If you are a history freak, you will just love Turkey. There several places of historical relevance such as – Ephesus, Antalya Museum, Aphrodisias, statue heads of Mount Nemrut and a few castles among other places. Filled with history, Turkey is a mixture of ancient culture and modern beliefs.

So these were 5 reasons on why you should go to Turkey. Apart from all these, Turkish people are very friendly and talkative. Interacting with them helps one learn about their craft and more about local attractions.


Filled with monuments, food and scenic places, add Turkey to your bucket list.

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Kavya Shah is an intern at SheThePeople.TV

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