As A Girl I Find My Calling In Solo Travel But I Prepare For It Hard

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If about discovering myself, it's through new journeys. I travel to explore not just the world around me but also myself. But before I step out for a solo trip, I do have to prep quite a bit. In India it's not easy  not only is it hard to be


But in a country like India, where girls aren't safe even at homes, travelling alone comes with an element of risk. And again, being a girl and travelling alone also makes others being surprised of how you are actually doing it. So being a girl and travelling alone, yes it becomes a bit challenging. But if you know how to deal with people and problems, you would be able to ace the art of solo travelling.

Solo Travelling- The Pursuit Of Self Discovery

"But what good do you feel in travelling alone?", my friends would ask me. To be honest, while traveling alone, you not only discover your self in a better way but also the place you are exploring. No doubts that solo travelling poses unmatched challenges, but even that becomes fun when handled with care. When you travel alone, you know you have to deal with everything on your own only. That makes you aware of your potentials.

Being a girl, dealing with the outer world is in itself a matter of self victory. Dealing efficiently with the people out there, especially those who try to let you down and scare the hell out of you, is the main self victory. I still remember how I stared back at the guy who was constantly staring at me in the train. That made him leave his seat and move to some other. People will try to scare you, only when you allow them to. Moreover, visiting places, exploring food, nature and what not, solo travelling gives you a chance to explore it all and discover what you want. The first time I went alone, I discovered how travelling and exploring food offers a soul full contentment to me.

Meeting And Interacting With Strangers Hones Your Communication Skills And Sometimes, Provides You With Travel Partners Too

Not everyone is a good communicator. But the world today requires it for us to stand out of the crowd. When you go for solo travelling, you interact with people more often. This makes you realize how good you are at communicating  plus also provides you with connections. In my last trip to Chandigarh, I met a girl at the airport and we talked nicely. Since she was a resident of Chandigarh itself, she helped me explore places that were not there even on google . So that is how solo travel hones your communication skills and helps you connect with people, the very important element of today's era. Plus it also helps you explore places more wisely and extend those connections further.


But Wait, Why Does This Introduce An Element Of Shock Among The People?

Well, Solo travelling is fun and full of contentment. But people don't seem to take it easy just because I am a girl. The most frequent comment I heard was, "But you are a girl, how can you travel alone?". Like seriously? Why can't I travel alone? Just because some disgusting people are roaming around there? Another comment I heard frequently was , "'Don't You Feel Scared To Go Out ? How Did Your Father Allow You?" Umm, I would rather label this solo travelling as another sort of women empowerment. Because solo travelling also teaches you to be independent in a way, the one aspect of women empowerment. Last but not the least, take a break from technology. That'll help you to live and enjoy to the fullest. Plus keep your accommodation to yourself only.

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