Women Travellers To Spain Should Have This As A Checklist

Spain is every traveller’s dream place. A lot of tourists throng the country to enjoy its magnificent beauty, delicious food, varied landscape, vibrant festivals and pulsating nightlife. But before you venture out to explore the place, it is better to acquaint yourself with some valuable tips.

Read a book on Spain

Don’t just start exploring Spain without knowledge. Read a book and edecide upon the places you really want to see. The book will help you chalk out a great travel plan following which you will actually be able to enjoy the trip to the hilt.

Best time to visit Spain

Most tourists consider the months after September to early November as the best months for visiting South Spain as it gives travellers a chance to experience its beautiful autumn. Time between May and July is the best time for visiting North Spain.

Learn some Spanish

It can be a little tardy for you to roam around without knowing Spanish. Not many spaniards comprehend English and so, it is advisable to learn some phrases of the language to make your stay in Spain a comfortable one.

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It is cheap

Astonishingly, a trip to Spain won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Everything ranging from food to accommodation is quite cheap.

Do visit the countryside

Don’t get entrapped by the allure of cities because the countryside has more to offer. Regions such as Galicia, Rioja or Malaga offer some stunning landscapes that you won’t want to miss. The countryside visit must be a part of your itinerary.

Do not plan to see everything at once

In the lure of seeing too much at once, you might miss on the nuances of Spanish cities that make it unique. Stay in one city for two-three days and move on to the next one only if you are satisfied enjoying the sight and food of the previous one.

Taste Tapas

You haven’t really done much in Spain if you didn’t have tapas. Infact, Many say that Spain’s best invention are its tapas.

People dine out late here

Well! This might put you off. Besides starting late, the dinner also arrives very late. But it is a great chance for you to befriend some natives and learn something about their culture.

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