Why Am I A Feminist: Samhita Arni

Samhita Arni tells SheThePeople that her understanding of Feminism seems to change every year. She brings perspective to the notion in the way we share our stories. “To see, to explain the world, and for each woman to be able to tell her story,” shares Arni. “This right has often been denied to us. I think it’s very important for us to tell our stories.”

Samhita Arni is the author of Sita’s Ramayana, a graphic novel which was on the New York Times Bestseller list for graphic novels. At the age of eight, she wrote and illustrated The Mahabharata – A Child’s View – which sold some 50,000 copies worldwide, and was translated into seven different languages. Her latest book is The Missing Queen.

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Arni has written for The Caravan, Mint, Deccan Herald, DNA among other publications, and can be reached @samarni or on www.samarni.com