This Video Of Kerala Woman Helping Visually Impaired Man Board The Bus Is Winning Hearts

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Irrespective of religion, caste or creed, some stories and people just make your day with the act of kindness this is one of them. A recent video, circulating online, showing a woman helping out a visually impaired man catching a bus that he almost missed, in Kerala, is a testimony to it. In the video, the woman is seen running behind a bus, asking the conductor to stop and helping an elderly, visually impaired man safely board the vehicle, reports the Indian Express. This gesture has caught everyone’s attention and received praise on social media.

The video has gone viral and the woman has become a hero in no time. The good samaritan in the clip has been identified as Supriya, who works as a saleswoman in the town of Tiruvalla.

The 41-second video clearly shows that the man almost missed his bus which just started to pick up speed. He kept on walking up to it slowly. At this point, Supriya ran towards the bus. She kindly urged the conductor to wait a little longer for the man. Then she took his arm and ensured that he gets to find a way into the bus.

What You Should Know

  • A Kerala woman helped a visually impaired man safely board a bus.
  • The video was shared by IPS officer Vijayakumar on Twitter.
  • He wrote, “she made this world a better place to live. kindness is beautiful!”

No surprise there that the video gained a lot of attention online after it was shared on Twitter by an IPS officer, who wrote, “She made this world a better place to live. Kindness is beautiful!”

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Watch the video here:

When a local news outlet Mathrubhumi reached out to her, the woman explained, “I asked him where he needed to go. I needed to know if there was a bus stop there. I thought my husband, Anoop, on his bike can drop him at the bus stand.”

“Fortunately, the bus came and stopped a bit ahead. I ran to the bus and told the conductor who was sitting at the back about the blind person. I didn’t think the bus would wait,” she said.

She has made a lot of fans since the video went viral. One user wrote, “She is one of her kind….. Good Instincts straight away, did not hesitate even one second….. The world still exists due to souls like these…..”

Another user commented, “Believe in love and I’m sure there won’t be any hatred and hypocrisy, the existence of some kind and humane ppl doesn’t show that all other human beings are inhumane, just we fail to show our great attributes of humanity and kindness to the fullest and we fail to understand the mankind.”

Kudos to Supriya!

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Feature Image Credit: India.com

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