This Start-Up Conducts Pet Therapy To Help People De-stress


I already love this idea. When stressed, go chill with a pet. What’s that saying? A dog is a person’s best friend. Having a dog at home or at workplace can have a lot of benefits such as 10% drop in blood pressure, chemical changes in the body such as cortisol, dopamine and serotonin which have an overall relaxing effect on the body. A Gurugram based startup, Fur Ball Story, has decided to take this idea forward by providing Pet Therapy services to organizations as well as individuals.

Fur Ball Story at one of their sessions

Fur Ball Story at one of their sessions

At a time when employees are grappling with work related stress problems, Pet therapy is a great way to alleviate stress and depression while at work or home. “The problem of work-related stress is specifically high at corporate offices where there are no fixed working hours”, tells Animesh Katiyar, Co-Founder Of Fur Ball Story.

 “More than 80% of the people want us to conduct the sessions on a daily basis”-Animesh Katiyar

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Talking about how the idea came into being, he shares,”The idea came into being, when my college got two Labrador puppies on board for recreational purposes but it ended up solving bigger issues such as home sickness. In first year students who came from outstation, it was useful to them. It even reduced absenteeism in 5th and 4th year students as they had someone to provide unconditional love in college.”

He added that interacting with dogs made him realize that spending time with the dogs helped him in mental relaxation. He went home, did some research about pet therapy and got to know that it is quite a renowned form of therapy in the west. On sharing the idea with his friends, he decided to introduce it in India.

 The team, comprising six members, also encourages and promotes adoption of these dogs.

 “Through our unique method of pet assisted interventions, we intend to help in reducing the stress of participants, thereby increasing productivity, job satisfaction, and decreased absenteeism from work. This will further lead to improving their relationships at home.”, he shares describing the plethora of benefits Pet Therapy has.The team, comprising six members, also encourages and promotes adoption of these dogs.

They have been to MakeMytrip, Nagarro, Coho and Sequoia Capital where the response has been amazing. “More than 80% of the people wanted us to conduct such sessions on a regular basis.”, he says. Limited to the National Capital Region at the moment, the team will be extending to Mumbai in the near future.

Feature Image Credit: DogTimes

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