The write words in the film world: Catching up with screenwriter Atika Chohan

By Sukanya Sharma

We sit in her cosy apartment in Khar, Mumbai, with the window overlooking the trees, almost like a quaint hill station; a perfect abode for a writer, must we say. Atika Chohan is the dialogue writer for Margarita With A Straw and the critically acclaimed Waiting, with Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin. We spoke to her about the creative challenges, working with Kalki and the legendary Naseeruddin Shah and how her journey has been so far in the industry.

If any of you have watched the movie Waiting, you will be delighted by its simplicity and the storyline. An anecdote turned into a movie is just the right description for it. The dialogues, written by Atika, come naturally to the characters and you will be left feeling empathetic towards the storyline. The situation is universally relatable and I think that’s the reason the audience has responded so well to the film.

She tells us about her experience in Mumbai and the industry where she has found friends in colleagues who have helped her grow and experiment with her writing. The profession comes with a number of limitations and challenges as creativity is subjective and bound to change from person to person; but she has held on to her words and thoughts to get through all the hurdles.

Trailer for Waiting