Smash the stereotypes: How a new ad is shifting the conversation on women


The famous #LikeAGirl campaign is back and this time with a few literal and strong punches in the equality debate. Gender stereotypes have always cast women into silos or boxes and this new campaign is changing exactly that.


The girls in this ad write down those stereotypes, or things they’ve been told they can’t do because of their gender, on cardboard boxes. And that’s when they smash the boxes.


The new Always campaign highlights on that same idea of breaking down society’s pre conceived notions of what women should and should not be. The theme for the video is “Unstoppable,” asking the girls featured if they’ve ever felt limited by their gender. The answer is unanimously yes, and not just for the video’s participants – according to an Always survey, 72 percent of girls feel that societal expectations limit them.


The first #LikeAGirl spot premiered last year featured both males, teenage females and prepubescent girls, who were asked to run, hit or throw like a girl. The males and older group of females made a pathetic attempt to do the assigned tasks, flailing their arms, worrying about their hair or dropping an invisible ball. The video of that is right below.