Sagarika Ghose on Feminism in India

Sagarika Ghose is Consulting Editor, Times of India, the author of ‘The Gin Drinkers‘ and ‘Blind Faith‘, and not someone who pulls her punches. She talks to Amrita Tripathi for SheThePeople.TV on identifying as a feminist, and what feminism means to her.

“Basically standing on my own two feet, economic independence. I’m not a feminist in the new faddish definition in terms of whether I’m shaving my underarm hair or getting my bikini line waxed… All of that to me is irrelevant,” Ghose asserts.

“There was this one incident of a woman running a marathon while menstruating, bleeding, to show that a menstruating woman can run a marathon just as well as a man, those demonstrations of womanly distinctiveness make no difference. On the other hand, if a woman devotee wants to pray at certain temple, she should be allowed to pray there. ”

“Freedom and opportunities and the space for women to act must increase. I don’t want feminism to get lost in too much talk about sexuality and the body and what I wear and how I look, to me that is irrelevant — There is a much more fundamental battle to be fought: economic self-sufficiency, equality of opportunity and the right to public space.”

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