Passion For Children Led Aparna Athreya To Start ‘The Kid and Parent Foundation’

Aparna Athreya, founder of The Kid and Parent Foundation

Mother of two lovely children, Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Psychologist and Education Consultant, the Bangalore-based Aparna Athreya works tirelessly in the development process and trains children, youth and adults and satisfies her inner-self as well. A bootstrapped and self-funded startup, ‘The Kid and Parent Foundation’ is running a conventional education system, not to bore, but to inspire children and parents about the fun-learning process which has almost vanished from our country now. She gives leverage to the child in each one of us and never wants that innocent mind to fade off over time.

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An uncomplicated childhood

Her story starts in a noisy household in Villivakam, a suburb of Chennai. An overflowing family, so many aunts and uncles and a grandfather who used to work in the Railways, that was her childhood.

She moved to Bangalore at age 4 and experienced the first excitement of living in a flat in an apartment complex. The first exposure to so many children under the same roof. Time passed.  She got married to an airforce officer and then started the real problem. She had to make choices between staying at home or going out and working in a manner that she can balance her life out. She made the choice to work. Here comes the bigger issue now. With two children, posted in a small town, a corporate life – everything made it harder for her.

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Eureka moment at Pondicherry

Her passion has always been in writing and telling stories and her children showed her the window to see the gaps in today’s education system. One day she landed in Pondicherry in Sri Aurobindo’s ashram in front of The Mother’s shrine with her daughter. And, there was a solution to everything. She decided to do something on her own and something with children. Experienced in doing voluntary work for children, she knew she had to be an entrepreneur in this field.

Aparna Athreya, founder of The Kid and Parent Foundation

Prior to educating children, she had a career in software engineering for over 17 years. And, that experience she used in her venture. Aparna founded the Kid and Parent Foundation in 2010, which is devoted to child development services for Parents, Teachers and Children, organizes developmental programs using storytelling, music, theatre and activity-based learning. One of the important flagship programmes of the organization – the AHAM (A Holistic Awareness Model) – is where they provide socio-emotional development for early childhood.

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She made a choice of life over a lucrative job and it has changed her life for the better.

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