She followed the usual path but not for long. Studies, journalism and the possibilities of a stable job sounded like a timetable and that burning fire to be a musician didn’t let her stick to it. Thirty year old Gowri Jayakumar had to bust myth that life followed a chart and so she picked the guitar, wrote songs and sang them with bands.

Live music industry there used to be way more gigs, the quality of artists has definitely improved

Gowri, born in Thiruvanathapuram and raised in Delhi is the Lead of a band called Run Pussy Run. Living in Pune, where Gowri she came to study journalism, she picked music over media and a well paying job doing away with the rut. A master of her own time and lyrics, she named her own band after a song she wrote in 2011 called See The Pussy Run. This was ten years after she first picked the guitar to strum in the summer of 2001. The dream was afterall coming true. Kozmi Cow, Pulpy Shilpy, Mama Kitty are among the avatars of singer Gowri …

Pune has venues that encourage weekly gigs, but we need to do much more

Gowri Jayakumar She The People
Gowri Jayakumar With She The People

Growing up her parents wanted to Gowri to excel at studies which she did and in return her parents indulged her singing desires. She made time for music no matter what she was doing at that point in her life. Her inspiration came from legends like Tony Mitchell, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell and Nick Cave.

Gowri Jayakumar She The People 2
Gowri Jayakumar With She The People

“We need to get more women in the music industry”

Grateful for my training in journalism, it teaches you storytelling