Meet The Digital Women Awards Winners For Content Creation

Digital Women Awards

SheThePeople.TV hosted its annual Digital Women Awards to put the spotlight on women who leverage the online world to create businesses with impact. An evening that brought together women, to empower, engage and elevate celebrated women who have broken glass ceilings, built their stories and followed their dreams

Here’s a look at those who won awards for content creation in the digital space:

1. Malini Agarwal- This popular blogger needs no description. Malini, who also won the award for Best Website, started a Bollywood, fashion and lifestyle blog ‘Miss Malini’ in 2008, and was one of India’s first celebrity bloggers. According to SimilarWeb, the website receives over 3 million users per month. The blog covers all the latest Bollywood news, interviews with celebrities and all the glamorous parties! “We’re your best friend, and we’re never too tired to go out,” the website boasts.

Malini Agarwal

2. Suchita Salwan– She won the award for Best Website. Salwan is the Founder of Little Black Book, a curated culture and lifestyle guide for Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Salwan started the site in 2012, while she was working at BBC. She says that as a young adult, she found it difficult to find out about cool stuff that was happening in her city, which is why she decided to fill the information gap by starting LBB.

3.  Ruchita Dar Shah– Founder of First Mom’s Club, Ruchita won the award for Best Community. Ruchita started out by creating a Facebook group for moms to connect with each other. The response was so overwhelming that the community soon grew into a full-fledged website and app.

“With members across 60 countries, it’s nice to be acknowledged for the work the community is doing helping one another using entirely user generated content. It’s peer to peer at it’s best and on behalf of FMC, I’m excited to win this,” she told SheThePeople.TV

4. Aditi Mittal– The comedian, who won the award for Best Digital Comedy Star, needs no introduction. She is known for her stand-up comedy, and her hilarious tweets and youtube videos, which often garner over a million views. Her shows often centre around the ridiculous stigmas women have to face. Her videos on bra shopping and sanitary napkins are a must watch!

5. Tracy D’Souza– She is the channel head for The Viral Fever’s Girliyapa, and won the award for Best Digital Comedy. Girliyapa has produced some hilarious videos on issues women face. Videos such as ‘Girls Buying Condoms’ and ‘Period Song’ show women openly speaking about topics which are considered ‘taboo’ in a lighthearted and funny way. The messages of Girliyapa aims to build awareness and mitigate the shame surrounding these topics.

Digital Women Awards

Content Creation DWA Winners

6. Shivya Nath- She may just have the best job ever. Nath, who won the award for Best Individual Blogger, is known for her travel blog, ‘The Shooting Star’. Nath gave up her corporate job three years ago to embrace a nomadic way of life. She has hitch-hiked along Romania’s northern countryside, lived with a Mayan community in Guatemala, journeyed along Canada’s great wilderness by train and swum with black-tip sharks on Malaysia’s east coast. Her blog is a real treat.

“My aim has been to create aspirational and actionable content, so that more Indian women can experience the liberation and self-confidence that comes through meaningful travel. I’m thrilled that this award validates travel as a lifestyle for Indian women,” she told SheThePeople.TV

7. Pranshu Bhandari- She has won the award for the most Innovative Idea in the Content Creation category. She is the founder of CultureAlley, which has developed Hello English, an interactive, mobile-based application that allows speakers of 16 vernacular languages to learn English on their phones. She was on the Forbes India 30 (under 30 list) in 2015.