Karunya's aviation journey & why women should take to the skies

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Apr 13, 2016 09:07 IST
Karunya Female Pilots in India


Karunya is among India's most successful women pilots. 35000 ft above, beautiful skies are her home. SheThePeople's Poorvi Gupta caught up with her at the IndiGo training centre in Gurgaon to talk to her about her journey. India has the most percentage of female pilots in the world according to global ranking. It stands at 11% whereas others have an average of 3% to 4% women on the job. “It was always a dream to fly airplanes since my father was an Air Force pilot. I wanted to join the combat role in flying but at that time it was not possible for women." Karunya is delighted that the new laws allow women to join combat roles

Pilot Karunya on why more women should take to the skies

She has about thirteen years of experience flying in Indian skies. Karunya grew up in an armed forced background and lived mostly in the north. The frequent postings and shift in home and schools made Karunya more adaptable to change. “Living on the move has made me to be very friendly with people. Since we had that realisation that we would not meet the same people again, we could never take them for granted.”


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Apart from flying, she also is an instructor with IndiGo and splits her time between both effortlessly. A pleasant personality, Karunya is very social when on the ground and off it. She likes talking to people and her co-workers who celebrate the attitude and the passion she possesses for flying.

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