Ambreen Khan: Her story of positioning brands to political parties

Ambreen Khan realized at an early age that the world only seeks innovative minds. She picks careers that would keep her interests diverse, give her new opportunities and connect her with people. First a banker, a hotel marketing head, and brand consultant a top notch telecom brand – Khan has done many roles. But its in her current role – as the communications head of The Indian Express and brand incharge of entire Group, she has taken the brand places, by crafting and curating programs that give their readers more than just the newspaper. She is also the incharge of the Ramnath Goenka Memorial Foundation. SheThePeople caught up with the Delhi-based Ambreen Khan who is now keen to pursue ‘positioning political parties.’

  • What three driving factors keep you going – in success and in failure.

I primarily derive strength from a principle of perfection at work- my learning’s from set-backs or failures; zest to re- invent and work on impact driven ideas; and, I believe it’s my confidence and determination that can move anything.

If not communications, she would have been breathing eating and sleeping for the World heritage Sites.

  • You are driving Indian Express’ marketing and communications with events – is this what you wanted to do?

Narrowing down my experience in communications business for almost two decades plus, of which almost a decade was spent at The India Express, where it’s been pure media marketing & brand positioning of the group.

It’s been a great journey, but what’s new and exciting at The Indian Express today is working with young and very smart Anant Goenka who is rapidly expanding the digital arm of the group, and has already shown a rather impressive growth in business- which includes the mobile app, website and e paper.

Working with him has taken me on a new learning curve, he certainly infuses fresh energy and optimism. “So now I can say I am less naïve in the digital space”

  • How do you perceive the changing approach to news – the desire for tech and speed?

There is a paradigm shift in media consumption. With the largest youth population in the world, news consumption has undergone a three sixty degree transformation.

While the print still holds its significance, new media – mobile app and website has really caught up in a big way. Youth today, desires news on-the-go.

  • What does your work with Tata Trusts involve?

Tata Trusts has a historical legacy in making tremendous strides in areas of creating livelihood. Its philanthropic approach is unique, as it impacts the beneficiaries directly.

Tata as a brand stands for credibility, trust and respect, thus it is not only getting support and encouragement from Indian government/s,  but also weaving a web of  global partnerships from all over the world to build opportunities for the under privileged in India.

My exposure was too urbane till now- with this task today; I can identify more with real issues of the rural communities- drinking water, sanitation, health & nutrition, education, & technology.

I am a poised implementer of such changes at the Tata Trusts for two of its crucial states- Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. I am hopeful that the progress is constant, productive and sustainable.  

  • How do you read today’s startup ecosystem?

The world is watching India as a growing economy. I am a die-hard capitalist, yet have empathy for less privileged This government is open to innovation and inward investments; it must ensure low corruption, stable policy & governance reforms to redefine the ecosystem. Only then will we be able to position India as a hub for start-ups and investors.

I have always believed in simplicity and humility makes a lasting impression on whom-ever you meet. Positions are temporary, people are permanent!   

  • If Ambreen wasn’t in this role, what would she have been doing?

If not communications, she would have been breathing eating and sleeping for the World heritage Sites.

But for me, Positioning Political parties are my new dream and passion, and would give me an all-time high at this stage of life. It would be a unique opportunity for me to make an impactful contribution to the unfolding India story!