Debadutta Upadhyaya is fixing everyday problems with Timesaverz

Debadutta Upadhyaya picked her startup idea because it emerged from an everyday need. She wanted to solve the problem that people have to spend too much time on mundane services – from pest control to deep cleaning of cars – and not on stuff they really enjoy. Timesaverz was thus born and now operates in six cities. It’s a marketplace for household needs and services.

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For Upadhyaya entrepreneurship emerged as a great outlet at a time she was forced to walk a tight rope between professional and personal life. Having a baby in a nuclear family and little support to fix all her problems, she felt a company of her own may give her the opportunity to not just build something but also become the master of her own time and life.

Digital Empowers
Women in the house are able to look at their chores being managed digitally, school reports or kids studies or culinary desires and managing day to day services – digital has changed the lives of women.

Her Advise To Entrepreneurs?
Don’t think of life as an entrepreneur as a hobby, it’s much more than that she says.

The StartUp Scene
It’s vibrant and am glad to see of late it has become a little more rational

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