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Pune Family Brings Baby Girl Home In Helicopter To Celebrate Her Arrival

Baby Girl Home In Helicopter
Baby Girl Home In Helicopter: In a country like India where the birth of the girl child is looked down upon, there are very few families who welcome the girl child. One such family that has become a positive example of girl empowerment is a family in Khed tehsil of Maharashtra’s Pune district who arranged a helicopter to take their newborn daughter home.

Rajalakshmi was born on January 22 at her mother’s place in Bhosari. The family then hired a helicopter to take their newborn daughter to her home in Shelgaon in Khed. The girl’s father is a 30-years-old and an advocate by profession. He said ecstatically, ‘We didn’t have any girl in our entire family. So, we decided to make our daughter’s homecoming special and we arranged a chopper ride worth Rs 1 lakh.”

In an interview with Aaj Tak, he also said that the birth of a newborn girl should be celebrated like a festival and that’s the message he wants to spread in society, as per a report.

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This is not the first time when a family has celebrated the birth of their girl child. A pani puri seller made headlines last year for breaking the taboo surrounding the birth of daughter. 29-year-old Anchal Gupta celebrated the birth of his daughter by distributing Rs.50,000 worth of spicy snacks to people living there.

In an interview, he said that he wanted to spread the message that there shouldn’t be any discrimination between boys and girls. He became the father of a daughter on 17 August but he was upset due to people’s reaction to the news. They told him that she will prove to be a financial burden to the family. He didn’t like how people perceived the entire thing and wanted to spread the message of girl child empowerment. That’s when he decided to celebrate it in a big way and prove that every parent should feel proud to have a girl child.

Similarly, a woman in Uttar Pradesh gifted her daughter-in-law a Honda City car after she gave birth to a baby girl. It is heartening to see society changing its attitudes towards the girl child and welcoming her with open arms.